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Windows 11 may soon allow ending tasks without Task Manager

San Francisco, Feb 17 (IANS) Microsoft is reportedly working on adding a new end task option to the Windows 11 taskbar, which will allow the ability to force close an app when users right-click on it in the taskbar.

According to Windows Latest, this new option has started appearing in the latest Windows 11 test builds.

Windows 11 currently allows users to kill any process using Task Manager, Command Prompt, PowerShell, and Settings as long as they can identify the name or Process Identifier (PID).

Moreover, the report mentioned that Task Manager also comes with a new search bar, making it much easier to identify background processes.

The new Windows 11 test build also comes with a big update for accessibility features.

This update enhances the Live Captions feature by adding support for several new languages, including Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, and others.

Further, the tech giant is also trying out different designs for snap layouts, including new ways to improve the discoverability and usage of snap layouts, according to the report.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will reportedly bring a new feature to Windows 11, which will allow users to control RGB lighting.

Twitter user Albacore found that the latest Insider build of Windows 11 includes a hidden feature for controlling RGB components.