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Kyle Rittenhouse Memes: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Kyle Rittenhouse Memes

This meme actually got so famous during the time it was released for the first time. The Kyle Rittenhouse memes are famous screenshots of Kyle Rittenhouse crying in the defense testimony he was giving in the November of 2021. After the video was shared on various social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, people screenshoted his image of crying used it as a reaction image for meme templates in various contexts. The Gifs of this video also began to be used as template of memes. Kyle Rittenhouse crying image in a meme was generally used to denote the level of sadness in funny or hilarious content.

Origin of Kyle Rittenhouse Memes

At the time of 17, Rittenhouse travelled a few miles from his house across the state border to Kenosha on 25 August, 2020. As the city was in the throes of damaging protests that followed a white Police officer’s shooting of Jacob Blake, after a call to a domestic disturbance. Bystander video captured critical minutes when Rittenhouse, with a Smith and Wesson style semi automatic rifle, shot and murdered Joseph Rosenbaum.

When Kyle Rittenhouse was called before the Judge in a court for the shootings which he was accused for on the 10th of November 2021. But soon after he started detailing his events, he just broke down in front of everyone. His breakdown was later followed by sobbing and crying in front of all. A network called Law and Crime took that video from the courtroom and released it on it’s twitter page. The video on their page received so much attention that it got 1.3 K likes in a little amount of time span. On the Same day, Washington Post also shared this video and their video got around 37 thousand likes in a time span of less than 24 hours. The first time this video was used as a reaction image was in twitter. That meme tweet received more than 48 K likes in less than twenty four hours.

Kyle Rittenhouse Memes

  • The one thing that Kyle Rittenhouse taught us is that never bring a skateboard to a damn gun fight.
  • Kyle Rittenhouse sharpening his M16 and AK47 before going to hang out with his friends.
  • The major difference between Kyle rittenhouse and covid 19 is that the 3 shots of kyle was effective.
  • Apparently, Kyle Rittenhouse is nothing but a CITIZEN SOILDER, who murdered two people by the way.
  • Her : I’ve always had a thing for boys who are sad

Know Kyle Crying and Sobbing

  • 5 year old kids when their mom makes something else for dinner other than chicken : a picture of Kyle crying and sobbing.
  • Me at the gas station fulling the gas tank up for $88 dollars for the third time this week : a picture of Kyle crying and sobbing.
  • Me when I am just about to sneeze but can’t :a picture of Kyle crying and sobbing.
  • When you realise she went to lunch with her male co worker :a picture of Kyle crying and sobbing.
Kyle Rittenhouse Memes


Since covid, people have been facing toughest times of their lives. Some people lost someone important, some people lost themselves. Even now, some people 2 years later are still stressed and are living with anxiety. Not just stressed from the pandemic but their own personal problems. Memes can act as an escape to all your issues. It is true that memes cannot replace professional therapy, they can act as a source of your happiness and laughter. Due to various problems, people forget to smile, forget to live a little. Memes allow us to do that. They are our true friends in need.

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