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Agents Should Consider Collaborating With Influencers Like Jake Leicht

Getting involved in real estate may be a difficult task, particularly if you are a newcomer to the industry. Over the last several years, social media has had a huge impact on how individuals locate new homes, real estate agents, and property listings. This has caused a substantial shift in the real estate marketing industry. Real estate businesses and individual realtors must now compete with social media superstars and bloggers with hundreds of thousands of Instagram or Facebook followers. 

Why should real estate agents collaborate with real estate opinion leaders?

What exactly is meant by the term “real estate influencer”?

Experts in the field of real estate have spent years polishing their art and building a loyal following who look to them for advice when it comes to making important financial decisions like buying and selling a property. One who has tens of thousands of followers, such as real estate influencer Jake Leicht, isn’t afraid to network with Realtors in person and online is a genuine influencer in the real estate industry. 

They might be real estate agents themselves, do-it-yourselfers who provide advice on home improvement projects, interior designers, or any of a variety of other professions that intersect with the people who live in their houses. Public personalities and celebrities often take use of their platforms to provide insightful information about new home items on the market or current market trends. 

Though they may be the first individuals who come to mind when you use the term “influencer,” the reality is that the vast majority of influencer marketing campaigns focus on regular folks because 

1) customers trust them more on average, and 

2) you can work with them more easily on your own or as a small team.

In summary, you should seriously consider forming a partnership with an influencer if you haven’t previously.

Why is it Important to Use Influencer Marketing in the Real Estate Industry?

The benefit of collaborating with a popular figure is that you may get access to people who would not have heard of your business otherwise. In addition to assisting customers in the purchase and sale of real estate, a significant portion of your responsibilities as a Real Estate Agent or Realtor include growing your own real estate company. 

When you collaborate with a powerful influencer, they will be able to assist you in both of these areas, as well as support the influencer in achieving their own personal objectives. People who follow someone on social media who has a significant following are usually interested in whatever that person posts about, including items relating to real estate, since that person has built up such a large following.

They are useful to you. Get a better return on your investment.

Because an influencer may reach hundreds or millions of people, the impact of your work will be amplified in ways that you could never have conceived of before. Even if just a very small fraction of those individuals contacts you, see your listings, purchase one of your houses, or sign up to get listing notifications from your website, you will have been successful. And when you compare the cost of working with an influencer, which may or may not entail payment to them, to the expense of conventional forms of promotion, you realize that these gains are all yours.

You may Communicate with the Appropriate Individuals.

Marketers in the real estate industry might choose from a wide variety of approaches. However, by partnering with a well-known local real estate influencer, you may get your brand in front of new potential customers.


A significant number of real estate brokers and agents are unaware of the significant effect that may be exerted by micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers are regular individuals who have built up a sizable following on one or more social media platforms. They are not famous people, therefore you do not have to give them a significant amount of money to participate. Micro-influencers have the ability to drastically enhance brand awareness and generate quality leads via the audience they have built and the tales they share.

Many businesses have seen their financial standing improve or deteriorate as a direct result of certain statements made by influential people in the public eye. Because of this, cultivating relationships with influential people has evolved into an essential component of marketing ( for many professions. In addition to this, marketers that keep a close watch on influencers are better able to recognize emerging trends and profit on them as they emerge. As a result, you want to ensure that you are monitoring internet real estate influencers.

The Influence of a Large Group

Influencers have audiences of tens of thousands or more. For instance, blogger and beauty artist Huda Kattan has amassed an incredible 50.9 million followers on the Instagram account she uses for her brand, Huda Beauty. This indicates that a large number of people will see everything an influencer writes about, regardless of the topic. 

Obviously, the way that this operates in the context of real estate is a little bit different. You’re rare to discover a real estate influencer with that many followers, but even micro-influencers may generate interest in niche companies, especially in real estate.

Utilizing Influencers to Further Your Own Goals and Objectives

If you follow real estate influencers, you’ll be able to monitor how that person’s actions are affecting the real estate market as a whole and react accordingly. Because of this, you may adjust your own marketing strategies to suit any part of the industry the influencer has highlighted. If you are aware of a new trend, you will have the opportunity to make money off of it right from the start, without missing a step.

Additionally, if you follow an influencer in the real estate industry, you will have the opportunity to communicate directly with that influencer. By forming a relationship or incentive-based connection with a real estate micro-influencer, you can leverage them as a resource, promoting yourself via them and obtaining access to their social media following.