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PVL 2023: Ahmedabad Defenders look to end Calicut Heroes’ unbeaten run

Hyderabad, Feb 19 (IANS) Ahmedabad Defenders have been slowly making their mark in the second season of the Prime Volleyball League (PVL). Without making too much of a splash, the Defenders have quietly garnered four points in two games and because of their abilities to bounce back from any position, Ahmedabad are being viewed by fans as outside title contenders.

On the other hand, Calicut Heroes are pegged to be the favourites after their thrilling last-minute win over the defending champions Kolkata Thunderbolts at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium earlier this week. The Thunderbolts suffered their first loss of the season and Jerome Vinith says the win was a big-morale boost for his side.

“After beating Kolkata, we have gained a lot of confidence to face any other team. So, our players are definitely feeling more energetic and we will look to get a good win in the remaining games,” Jerome Vinith, Calicut Heroes attacker said.

Jerome also praised the Ahmedabad squad and said that his side has learned from the errors they made last year against the side.

“We know how Ahmedabad Defenders plays because they have kept the core of their squad intact. They are a very good team and we lost to them last year. So, we have learned from them. They do not lose any places because they are fighters. So, we have to prepare hard,” he said.

Meanwhile, Angamuthu, who has been the star player for Ahmedabad, believes that playing consecutive games will help his team maintain the team’s composure and momentum. Ahmedabad will be facing off against Chennai on Saturday before going to face Calicut on Sunday.

“No, I do not think that playing back-to-back matches is a matter of any concern at all. We are on the winning run right now and the quicker we play matches, the easier it will be for us to continue the momentum,” Angamuthu said.

On being asked to talk about any strategies that Ahmedabad will employ against Calicut, Angamuthu kept his cards close to his chest. “We have to plan that out. We know Calicut are a strong team and we are working on that. But we know we have to try and win the contest,” he said.