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Delhi Police to give new look to booths, pickets ahead of G20 meet

By Atul Krishan
New Delhi, Feb 2 (IANS) Ahead of the G20 Summit, the Delhi Police have pulled up their socks to rebuild pickets and booths which are falling on the route that the delegates will be taking.

A number of posts and booths will be renovated to give them a new and modern look.

A police source said that a few police buildings have been identified in this respect. The source said that these buildings are situated on the route to be taken by the VVIPs attending the G20 Summit.

The Delhi Police headquarters has also issued an order in this respect to identify the pickets and booths that require renovation.

“DCP/(GM, Operation) DPHCL, Delhi is hereby nominated as the Nodal Officer for facelifting of police stations and repair & painting of kiosks/police posts in view of forthcoming G20 Summit, 2023.

“He will ascertain the requisitions from concerned local police, Traffic Police and other Units by identifying such building infrastructures, Booths Pickets and Kiosks falling on route of the delegates, near their places of stay and tentative places of their visits.

“He will also submit a fortnightly progress report to G20 Cell/PHQ for the perusal of Spl. CP/HRD (Chairman Steering Committee, Delhi Police),” read the order.

No official was available to comment on the matter.

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