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Assam Congress MP hails Budget 2023-24

Guwahati, Feb 1 (IANS) Assam Congress Lok Sabha MP Pradyut Bordoloi termed the budget presented by the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman as a good budget.

Speaking to reporters here, he said: “BJP has prepared this budget with an eye on the Lok Sabha election. But I should say this is a good budget as the Central government tried to provide some relief to the middle-class by slashing the income tax slabs. People were overburdened with the high taxes and the Centre has tried to address that issue in this budget.”

The Congress MP also praised the union budget for giving emphasis on combating climate change and termed it to be a futuristic step.

“The Union budget has some good provisions to deal with the environment issue by aiming to achieve zero carbon emission. That is why I called this budget futuristic. This is a good initiative which may benefit not only India but also the whole world,” he said.

However, Bordoloi criticised the Central government for having a higher fiscal deficit in the budget.

He said: “A fiscal deficit of 5.9 per cent is quite high and although the government claimed that it would try to bring it down, they have not shown any proper direction into it.”

The Congress leader also claimed that the union budget has ignored the development of the northeastern region.

“The unemployment has been on the rise in this region, but the union budget has nothing for the youths here,” he said.