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Sonia Malavisi

Sonia Malavisi is a quality pole vault athlete, making her a proper Italian sensation. She does look as good as any other model. Hence, she does look just cut above the rest. She is indeed not one of the elite athletes; still, her worth is at a very classical level. In a way, it makes her a special lady. Sonia’s looks do play a major role in her success. Hence, she does look in far better shape than others. One can also call her as an Italian angle. So, let us dig deep and know more about this neutral beauty.     

Biography (Bio) of Sonia Malavisi

Sonia Malavisi is a famous name in track and field athlete, who is a very good name in the world of pole vault. Sonia was born on 31 October 1994 in Rome, Italy. Indeed, it clears her nationality is Italian. Scorpio is her zodiac sign. However, she does not pay attention to these astrological signs. Representing Italian roots and white ethnicity, Sonia is a follower of Lord Jesus. She believes in God and does try her best to follow his way of living life. Her age is 28 years.

Sonia Malavisi: Physical Structure

Well, an angel on Earth. Indeed, many people must be saying the same that Sonia Malavisi is a very good-looking lady. A 5 feet 7+1⁄2 inches tall lady, Malavisi weighs around 65 kg (143 lbs). As she does enjoy spending time at the gym, Sonia mostly looks in top shape. Her body measures around 34-26-36 inches. Hence, it is clear that her bra size is 34B. Sonia’s feet size is 7 (US). Dark brown eyes and hair, along with white skin, indeed take her style to a classical level. Sonia does like making tattoos. However, she does not seem to be huge obsessed with it. One can say, looking from the outside, that Sonia has done cosmetic surgeries. However, she has not done any such thing. It is just her natural looks that do a great job for her. 

Sonia Malavisi: Childhood, Siblings, Parents, Education 

Sonia Malavisi is a lady who was born and brought up in Rome, Italy. She grew up in a very stable family. Though she has not shared the names of her father, mother and siblings, Sonia has stated it many times she has a proper connection with her family. 

It is indeed the main reason behind seeing her ultimate connection with the family. When it comes to her journey academically, one can say that she did manage her studies and sports very well. Her aim always to make a name in athletics; hence, she put her best to manage both streams very well. Not many can do the same what she did while growing up. It shows her special qualities. 

Sonia Malavisi: Love Life, Boyfriend 

Sonia Malavisi is possibly single at the moment. Maybe she does not like to share her love life with everyone on social media. With her sensational looks, it is obvious that she must be dating a hunk. Indeed, there will be many who would love to be in a relationship with this diva. Even there is no history of her being with a famous name.   

Sonia Malavisi: Professional Career 

Sonia Malavisi is a very popular name in the field of pole vault. She has made a huge impact with her style of playing, which is aggressive and never say die. Sonia started her career at a very major event for the first time at the World Junior Championships. It allowed her to make a statement around the world. 

Sonia Malavisi
Sports star Sonia Malavisi

Even representing her nation at the 2016 Olympic Games was a great thing for her. It was her dream to be an Olympian – and she fit this milestone in 2016 in Rio, Brazil. She is not someone who is there to win gold at the Olympics every single time. However, great efforts of Sonia indeed make her crème de la crème in the eyes of several sports fans.  

For many young kids, Sonia is a great person to follow. She lives a very simple life and does do a lot to shine as a professional in sports. Indeed, what more one needs in this world?

Social Media  

Over 250k followers on Instagram and more than 1.8k followers on Twitter, along with a fine profile on Facebook, indeed makes it clear that there are several people who do follow Sonia Malavisi. On Instagram, one can see her regularly sharing her modelling and professional pictures and videos. Being a modern girl, she knows how to use these effective tools very well. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Sonia Malavisi is estimated at around USD 1 million. She became a rich lady at a very young age. Hence, she does value her worth even more. One can also see her doing charity work – but she does not show this part in front of her fans. The very fact makes her special. 

Hobbies, Stats and Trivia

  • The hobbies of Sonia Malavisi are dancing, swimming, shopping and travelling.
  • She does like to travel around the world; with Toluca is her beloved holiday destination. 
  • Italian, Indian and Chinese cuisines do captivate Sonia Malavisi very much.     
  • She is a huge fan of football. Star footballer Lionel Messi is her hero in the beautiful sport. 
  • Malavisi does like to bikini shoots. 
  • She can speak Italian and English languages fluently.  
  • Malavisi is a lover of English movies and series.

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