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Delfine Persoon

Well, every boxing fan must know something about Delfine Persoon. The Belgian pugilist has something precious in her hands. Hence, it is the main reason behind the fame around the world. Most fight fans across the globe, who do watch boxing, do know the impact of Persoon in the sport. She, along with many other female boxers, have given a platform to the next generation for taking this game to another level. Now, some female fighters are getting paid very well. A major credit behind this goes to Delfine. Her captivating style which does help fans to enjoy her fights even more. 

Biography of Delfine Persoon

Delfine Persoon is a professional boxer who hails from Hooglede, Belgium. It indeed clears that her nationality is Belgian. Born on 14 January 1985, Delfine’s zodiac sign is Capricorn. Delfine represents white ethnicity with Belgian roots. She is also a follower of the Christian religion. Hence, she does follow the religion very well. Delfine Persoon is a star – but she does not have had relationships with any famous person. 

Physical Stats of Delfine Persoon

Delfine Persoon is a very simple and sober lady, standing 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall. Taking care of her body is obvious for Delfine, hence she weighs around 61 kg mostly. Blue eyes, red hair and white skin give her a very decent look. She does not like making tattoos forget about doing any cosmetic surgeries. 

Due to her obsession with boxing gym, she mostly looks as fit as a top sportsperson. Therefore, she does show her abs and other muscular body parts in style. Delfine’s body measurements are 34-26-34 inches. It indeed means that her bra size is 34B. Her feet size is 7 (US). She is a very simple lady; hence, one can’t see her with glamorous looks. 

Delfine Persoon: Childhood, Parents, Siblings, Education 

Delfine Persoon was born and brought up in Hooglede, Belgium. Hooglede is a beautiful municipality in Belgium. Despite being one of the leading female boxers, she has not shared the names of her parents and siblings. 

Delfine is a very simple lady, so maybe she does not have time for any such things. Even while growing up, football and boxing took a major part in her life. It is indeed a key reason behind not giving studies the same preference. However, she was a decent student academically too. Delfine did most of her schooling from Hooglede only.

Delfine Persoon: Love Life, Boyfriend, Husband 

Delfine Persoon is single at the moment. She must have had boyfriends; however, we have not seen her with any other famous man. Delfine is a very smart lady. She knows it very well that boxing is a very hard sport. Therefore, one needs to take care of his or her career very well. Possibly, Delfine is doing the same. 

Delfine Persoon: Professional Career 

Delfine Persoon did not have a great amateur career. However, she did win the gold medal at the 2009 Belgian National Championships as a lightweight. Female boxing came to the Olympic Games in 2012. Had it come in 2008, then she would have won a medal at the Olympics.

It forced her to make a pro debut on 23 May 2008 against Jana Latova. She did win the fight in the second round via a knockout. It took her 30 fights to get the shot at the WBC female lightweight title against Érica Farías on 20 April 2014. She won the contest and became a world champion. She did face her first career defeat as a pro in her 10th fight against Zelda Tekin. At that time, she was learning her boxing skills.   

Delfine Persoon
Delfine Persoon facing Katie Taylor

After 44 battles, she did face boxing legend Katie Taylor on 1 June 2019 at Madison Square Garden, New York City, US. It was a great 10-round fight. In many eyes, she did win the fight. However, the three judges had some different plans. She became the first female boxer to ask questions from Katie Taylor in her pro career. However, Katie did finely beat her on 22 August 2020. It was also a classical rematch. Delfine also works as a full-time member of the police in Belgium. Boxing is indeed a very hard sport. Many times, even former world champions need to do other jobs. However, she does now get decent sums from boxing too. 

Delfine Persoon: Style of Play 

Lightweight boxer Delfine Persoon is famous for her never say die attitude. She comes with relentless pressure for 10 rounds. Hence, it becomes very hard for her rivals to match and beat her in style. Even in the 10th and last round, her stamina does play a major role. 

Her punch power is also very good. However, it leads her open to get hit. Hence, she does lose fights against some top boxers. In the world of boxing, there are not many fighters who would love to face her as she has the power to hurt boxers. Hence, many boxers do duck her and chose other fights.   

Social Media 

Delfine Persoon is not a huge name on social media – but she has hardcore boxing fans following her on Facebook and Twitter. Being a top female boxer, she does give many interviews to top boxing YouTube Channels. 

Net Worth  

Delfine Persoon has not shared her possible net worth. However, we will update the information very soon. She is a top boxer now, her earnings must be decent. 

Hobbies, Stats and Trivia

  • Boxing, spending time with family and gymming are the hobbies of Delfine Persoon.
  • While and black are her beloved colours. 
  • She can speak Dutch, German and English languages fluently. However, she is still working on her English. 
  • Delfine does like Italian dishes other than classical Belgian food. 
  • She is one of the best female boxers of all time. 
  • Delfine is a very skilled boxer with great punching power. 
  • She does work for the police in Belgium. 

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