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Silje Norendal

Silje Norendal is a famous name in the world of sports. She is a skilled snowboarder who is very good-looking too. Many even call her as one of the top 50 best-looking sportswomen of all time. The fact indeed shows that how good she is in this brick-and-mortar world. It shows that looks do work with skills in a fantastic manner. Otherwise, it can be very hard for many stands and keep on making their career look just out of this world. Silje does stand cut above the rest. Hence, let us know more about her life and way of living. 

Bio of Silje Norendal

Silje Norendal is a famous Norwegian snowboarder. She does take parts in slopestyle and Big Air. On 1 September 1993, she was born. It indeed makes Virgo as her zodiac sign. However, Silje does not believe in these astrological signs. Silje’s birthplace is Kongsberg, Norway, making Norwegian as her nationality. Silje represents white ethnicity with Scandinavian roots. She is also a Roman Catholic and does believe in the words of Jesus. Famous ice hockey star Alexander Bonsaksen is the partner of Silje Norendal. 

Physical Stats of Silje Norendal

A very good-looking lady, Silje Norendal stands 5 feet and 4 inches (1.67 m) tall. Silje does take care of her body very well; hence, she weighs around 54 kg. Her body measures around 34-27-34 inches. Silje’s bra size is 32C and her feet size is 8 (US). 

Norendal’s classical sky blue eyes, blonde hair and white skin indeed take her to look a different level altogether. Silje does like making tattoos – but she does not seem to be a religious fan. Even she does not see herself doing cosmetic surgeries. In a way, it makes her a special lady. The way she takes care of her body is indeed an example of living a healthy life.        

Silje Norendal: Childhood, Parents, Siblings, Education 

Silje Norendal was born and bred in Kongsberg, Norway. Marit Norendal is her beloved father. However, she not shared the names of her mother and sibling. But she has a very good relationship with them. Silje comes from a very rich background. Her father did earn very well while she was growing up. 

Hence, she did have a very bright childhood. Marit is a very gentle lady who loves her father so much. The very relationship is indeed a special one to see. Silje did most of her schooling from Kongsberg. She was a very bright student with a love for maths in particular. It shows that how much she loved studying while growing up. It indeed made her look special in every single department. 

Silje Norendal: Love Life, Partner

Alexander Bonsaksen got engaged to snowboarder Silje Norendal on 27 July 2018. Silje met Alexander at a very young age. They fell in love and build a great foundation together. However, the pair has not married yet. Possibly, they are looking for a better slot for enjoying this great evening and making it special. Silje loves Alexander a lot and sees her future only with him. It shows the ultimate bond between both. Many young kids, they do set great examples in style. They live in a very good place in Norway. It makes the journey even special for both. Hence, they do look very stable together. 

Silje Norendal: Professional Career 

Silje Norendal is a retired Norwegian snowboarder. She started her career at the highest level in 2013. She did win several medals in the short but productive period. Silje won gold medals twice at the Winter X Games Europe – 2013 and 2017 respectively. She did win two medals at the World Championships – bronze in 2017 and silver medal in 2019.


Silje Norendal
Former winter sports star Silje Norendal

At the Winter X Games, Silje did win back-to-back gold medals in 2014 and 2015. However, she did win the bronze medal in 2018. Not many can win that many medals in a professional career as a snowboarder. It allowed her to take good steps and make a fantastic impact. However, she did retire at a very young age. She had a window to make her portfolio even better. However, it was the take she took for her own good. In a way, it was the take even fans expected. She is a two-time Olympian. 

Social Media

Silje Norendal has a YouTube channel with over 500 subscribers. She did post her last video on 5 February 2015. However, she does have over 300k followers on Instagram. She does like to share her family life with her fans on Instagram mostly. Her impact is also huge on Twitter and Facebook

Net Worth

The net worth of Silje Norendal is reportedly estimated at around USD 2 million. She is a very rich lady who does charity work too. It shows that she knows how much people need help. 

Partner – Alexander Bonsaksen

Alexander Bonsaksen is a famous name in the field of ice hockey who hails from Oslo, Norway. He has not played at the level of the National Hockey League (NHL). However, for Norway ice hockey fans, he has done very much a lot. In a way, does make him special. Alexander was born on 24 January 1987. Even for betting lovers, Alexander Bonsaksen was a very good player to invest in due to his unpredictable nature. He does play as a defenseman and has represented some top European ice hockey clubs other than his nation (Norway).     

Hobbies, Stats and Trivia

  • The hobbies of Silje Norendal are drawing, travelling, shopping and enjoying winter sports. 
  • She is a huge football fan and does watch the domestic league of England – Premier League – mostly. 
  • Pink, red and green are her beloved colours. 
  • She is a huge foodie and does enjoy all kinds of cuisines.
  • Norendal’s soulmate Alexander Bonsaksen is a Norwegian ice hockey star. 
  • She did participate in the winter Olympic Games twice – 2014 and 2018. 
  • Paris is her beloved holiday destination. 

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