Saroj Kohli: Biography, Age, Wiki, Career, Life

Saroj Kohli: Biography

Saroj Kohli is the mother of the most famous batsman in the cricket world – Virat Kohli. Virat has been open about how his parents supported him a lot during his career and in the making of him. He talks about the sacrifices his mother made for her child. Saroj Kohli is a house maker who takes care of three children. One of those is the most famous personalities in India – Virat Kohli. Virat talks about her mother says that she is very strong and determined from the heart.

Virat kholi has inked both his parent’s name on his body. Saroj Kohli was born on the 6th of January and she is Indian by nationality, as she was born here only. She had a husband prem kohli died in the December of 2006 from a tragic stroke in the brain. Her height and weight are unknown at the moment and we will update you as soon as we get some information. Her hair is black in color along with her eyes. She is a celebrity housewife by profession and most importantly a mother. Her zodiac sign is Capricon and she is a Hindu by religion.

Saroj Kohli: Family

Saroj Kohli dated her late husband Prem Kohli when she was young and eventually ended up marrying him. Before his death, Prem Kohli used to work in the law department as a criminal lawyer.

Saroj Kohli

After their marriage, they both were blessed with 3 wonderful kids. They had two sons and one daughter. The name of these three lovely children were – Virat Kohli, Vikash Kohli and the name of their daughter is Bhavna Kohli. Saroj is an excellent house wife and she binds their home together. She always supported her kids and her husband in their career. Both Saroj and Prem constantly encouraged Virat Kohli to take part in Cricket from his early childhood. Prem who is Virat’s dad, used to take him to the cricket academy on a daily basis on his scooter.

If we talk about the other son, Vikash Kohli is a musician by his profession. He is an Indian music producer and does his work in a variety of music genres. He is an expert with musical instruments. Bhavna Kohli is a core member of Virat Kohli’s fashion brand known as “one 8 select”. She has around 85 K followers on her Instagram account.

Relationship with Virat Kohli

She has always supported Virat in his career and encouraged him to play more and more cricket. Virat’s mother lives in Gurgaon right now where as Virat resides in Mumbai. His mom still cares about him a lot despite him being a grown up man now. Virat told in an interview that his mother wasn’t pleased with his fitness plan. And he had to reassure her that he is doing this for a leaner body for his profession. Virat said, Indian mothers are always vey caring. For them, the child is weak if he doesn’t look chubby, funnily.

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