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Jeon Jung-Hyun: Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth

Jeon Jung-Hyun

Jeon Jung-Hyun, the elder brother of BTS Jungkook, is once more in the news. This time, according to Biz Hankook, it’s a result of Jungkook giving him ownership of his apartment in Yongsan City Park. The apartment’s market value estimated to be above 4 billion KRW or approximately 3.4 million USD.

Jeon Jung-Hyun is a very handsome South Korean personality and a prominent brother. He is a very famous elder brother of BTS Jungkook. His brother is a famous South Korean singer who has gained a lot of fame through his singing

Jeon Jung-Hyun’s earnings

As of 2021, Jungkook’s net worth expected to reach approximately $20 million USD, therefore fans not surprised by this choice. Even though the star rarely discusses his brother, it well known that Jung Hyun and the other BTS members are close.

Meet Jeon Jung-Hyun, the senior brother of BTS Jungkook.

Members of BTS hardly ever talk about their families, particularly their siblings. Nonetheless, ARMYs have learned quite a bit of information regarding the group’s maknae Jungkook’s older brother. Despite the fact that there are still many unknowns about Jung Jung-Hyun, including his age and line of work, fans now have a little better grasp of him because of his open Instagram account.

According to fans, Jungkook earned the moniker Golden Maknae by combining the best DNA from both of his parents. So, it stands to reason that Jung Hyun would also be a very talented individual, which intrigues ARMYs. We are aware that Jung-Hyun is older than the BTS member but by how much? Some of his supporters, according to Channel Korea, think he was born in 1994, while others think he was born in 1995. Although there isn’t any proof of his actual age, people have remarked that he is at least two years older than our maknae.

Social media presence and habits

We are aware of his interests in drawing, painting, and photography thanks to Instagram and a few amusing interactions he has had with BTS members. Given that his former Instagram crammed with numerous amusing drawings of the members, Jungkook’s brother is most likely the greatest ARMY. Jung Jung-Hyun frequently displayed his artistic side to the public, whether it was to celebrate their Billboard award or just to have fun with the group’s oldest member, Jin. He shared this drawing of Jungkook on Instagram after reaching 1 million followers. He had posted humorous animations of some of the most famous moments in BTS history in addition to his drawings. the specifics! He really manages to capture them.

What does he look like?

There is also the enigma of Jeon Jung-Hyun appearance. The so-called “artist” has never uploaded any selfies or pictures of himself. The only images of him that have been discovered are either snapshots from his youth or zoomed-in backward-looking images that Jungkook published. Nonetheless, there have been instances in which DAY6’s Sungjin’s photographs have gone viral with claims that he is Jeon Jung Hyun. K-pop fans immediately realized, however, that this was not the case. We can understand how the misunderstandings began because Sungjin similarly resembles Jungkook before his debut and has a large, round nose with doe-like eyes.

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