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Marcy Wudarski

She has gained a lot of fame in the entertainment industry and also gives the link to James Gandolfini. She is known for three years from the year 1999 to 2002. She is known to finalize the divorce. She is the first wife of Marcy Wudarski. She is famous for private affairs.

She also gained fame because of her marriage and then became famous for dating the actor James Gandolfini. Also, she gain a great career path in the same Industry and she is known for gaining much credibility. She is known as the producer’s first wife who appears as a former husband. After that, she is known for participating in various projects.

Personal Life

She is the ex-wife of James Gandolfini. She is known to meet James just after hiring and is also known as a secretary in 1995. She is known for growing fast and also in need of assistance and also James is nobody to be met. She is also known for working with a movie company. Then they move together with James and her first wife. Her first wife is in march 1999. Marcy wudarski the wedding appear as low-key and she had very close friends and relatives. All the children had grown up and then his father is known for tieing the knot to Michael Gandolfini. she married Michael Gandolfini and she tie the knot on the year May 10 and held for the year that is 1999. She is known for growing a child and following the footsteps of her father and for this, she become a renowned actor.

Her Divorce

Their marriage doesn’t last long and also known for started hitting a rough patch and also become famous at a very early age. After a year spent in March 2002. She is known for divorce in the year 2002. She took the route widely and also displayed the public with wild accusations. Also, the story is stated that Marcy Wudarski and claim the ex-husband, also went to the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in the year 1998. She is known for working with co-stars such as Edie Falco and also trying to help him stop the addiction. He died for a heart attack and died for the year June 19 in the year 2013. She is also known for divorcing Marcy wudarski. She died on the vacation in the year Italy and was also known to discover the lifeless body which is found on the bathroom for the five-star hotel and also known for staying.


She is born on 6th February 1967 and her place of birth is known as the United States of America. She is 54 yrs. old. Her parents are Edward B. Wudarski who is known to be the father, her mother’s name is Mary Ann Wudarski and her education is at the Bayonet Point Junior school in the Hudson. Her profession is as a film producer. The Ex-husband of Marcy Wudarski who is James Gandolfini and who is died on the year June 19th 2013 because of a heart attack. Her child is Michel.

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