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Guidelines to Follow When Selecting Artwork for Your Home

Buying an original work of art for your house can be daunting if you don’t know where to look, what to look for, or how much you should spend. Whether you’re a young parent with a mortgage and children to support or a retiree living on a fixed budget, investing in works of art can be challenging.

To begin, think about the kinds of art that inspire you the most. The pieces of Sydney art you choose to display in your home say a lot about who you are and your taste. Do not give in to the pressure to conform to a trend or to the preferences of a partner whose tastes in art are fundamentally at odds with your own. When it comes to creativity, nothing can hold you back but yourself.

Think About the Ambience You Want to Create

Are you confused about how to select artwork? Prioritise the ambience you wish to establish before doing anything else. Knowing this, you’ll be better equipped to decide between the available styles. In the bedroom, for instance, a calming abstract in soft colours can help set the mood for a good night’s sleep; in the living room, where family time and friendly conversation are prioritised, an intriguing landscape or sequence of moody black and white photos of Oxford Street and Barrenjoey Road would be perfect; and in the kitchen or family room, a vibrant, colourful piece of art would be ideal.

Consider your home’s aesthetic when making decisions. Look for blues, whites, and neutrals or beachy photographs if you have a coastal or Hamptons-style home in Sydney. Retro prints with bright colours and fun geometric patterns would look right at home in an eclectic or midcentury setting. A conventional landscape painting or a set of botanical prints will be perfect for your home if that is your desired style.

Strategies for Using Colour to Select Artwork

The colours in your Sydney art should complement the colours of the walls, floors, soft furnishings, and other decorative things in the area. If you want everything to blend, search for furniture and decorations that feature the room’s primary colour and one or two accent colours. Try playing around with different tones and colours to give your decor more dimension.

Alternatively, be daring but not ridiculous if you want your artwork to make a statement. Pick an item (or several) whose colours contrast but still work well with those already in the space. You may, for instance, complement a space filled with relaxing greens with a piece of art primarily comprised of rich terracotta and accents of black.

Figure Out if You Want the Artwork to Blend in or Stand Out

There can be multiple focal points in a single room. The centrepiece of any room is an essential element. Is it a focal point you’re after, or maybe some supplemental pieces to tie together a colour scheme? Keep the room from looking cluttered by giving each element sufficient space to breathe.

Types of Art

There is a wide variety of artistic practices available. You are free to use any medium and style in your artwork. If you hang the same paintings in every room, your house will start to appear like a hotel lobby rather than a reflection of the people who live there. Canvases, framed artwork, oil paintings, photographs, etc., should be used instead. Get inspired by art installations in Darling Harbour or sculptures in Alexandria’s Sydney Park.

Create an Appropriate Framework

Frame your Sydney art like you might find in a museum, with minimal, simple designs. Black, white, wood, and gold are timeless frame colours that will never seem dated and won’t compete with the artwork’s subject matter. A dark wooden frame won’t look appropriate in a room with pale hardwood floorboards, so keep that in mind if you’re a fan of timber frames.