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What Is the Easiest Autoflower to Grow?

Autoflowering cannabis varieties are gaining more and more popularity in the world. Due to the genes of the Cannabis ruderalis in their genetic code, these plants have a number of unique qualities that are so valued by growers. The first and most important feature of the autoflowers is their ability to start the flowering stage regardless of the lightning duration. At the same time, the duration of the growing season is only 2-4 weeks. The ripening period is also quite fast, and the entire life cycle usually takes no more than 2-2.5 months.

Rapid growth, unpretentiousness, and the ability to bloom regardless of the light regime were appreciated by both outdoor growers and those who cultivate their plants in cozy boxes. In this article, we will tell you more about the best autoflowering varieties. You can buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from the below list at The Seed Fair store.

Top 5 Autoflowering Varieties

Breeders around the world are constantly working to develop new varieties of autoflowering cannabis that will be even more productive. Today we have compiled for you a selection of the fastest autoflowering cannabis varieties that will delight you with impeccable taste, bright aroma, high performance, and bright effect:

  1. Gorilla (Auto Fem)

The Gorilla Auto fem cannabis variety can be considered one of the most powerful autoflowers on the market. The content of THC in its inflorescences reaches 27%. The inflorescences themselves are rich in resin, which in a matter of seconds glues the scissor blades during a manicure. The height of the bushes reaches 60-100 cm, which means that the plants are ideal for stealth growing. At the same time, the yield of the hybrid is simply amazing: 400-600 g/m² indoors or 50-300 g/m² outdoors. The cones smell of citrus, wood, and pine needles, and the effect plunges you into a state of total euphoria and bodily relaxation.

  1. Bruce Banner (Auto Fem)

The Bruce Banner Auto fem strain will make even smokers with a high level of cannabis tolerance go high. Its flowers contain 23-27% THC, and the perfect balance between Sativa and Indica provides a powerful long-lasting effect. But even a novice grower can cultivate these unpretentious and hardy plants. It should only be borne in mind that the bushes can stretch up to almost 1.5 meters indoors and up to 180 cm outdoors. If the box is too small, then it is better to start bending the plants in a timely manner. The entire life cycle lasts 8-9 weeks, after which the grower expects a harvest of 400-600 g/m² indoors or 150-300 g/m² outdoors.

  1. Thunder Bloody Mary (Auto Fem)

The Thunder Bloody Mary cannabis strain is an autoflowering strain with intense flavor and a fast life cycle. The THC content reaches up to 21% bringing a calming and healing effect. In 8 weeks, the auto flower goes through its entire life cycle, growing up to only 60 cm. Plants are viable and resistant to mold and pests. Even a beginner can handle growing them. It is enough to provide the plants with timely watering and enough light. The yield of the variety can generate 300-400 g/m² indoors or 70 grams per bush outdoors.

  1. Dos-Vi-Dos (Auto Fem)

This is a cannabis strain with up to 25% THC and one of the most powerful autos on the market. Despite the dominance of Sativa, it has a relaxing effect. The life cycle takes place in 7-8 weeks and during this time the plants grow up to 150 cm. The variety is not picky about the treatment and can be recommended for beginners. Just remember about the strong aroma and use a charcoal filter. Its inflorescences are voluminous with a lot of resin and multiple aromatic profiles. Yields of the strain reach up to 150 grams per bush or 500-700 g/m² indoors.

  1. Afghan Kush Ryder (Auto Fem)

Afghan Kush Ryder is a 100% Indica that is the result of multiple crosses between Afghan Kush and Ruderalis. The plant is small (60 – 80 cm), but despite this, it has a high yield. The leaves, like the buds, are densely covered with resin, which provides a high level of THC. It has a rich smell and sweet taste with woody notes. The variety has a powerful energetic effect, which is why it is incredibly popular. Also, it is actively used for medical purposes. As for the efficiency, growers can get 250-350 g/m² or 25-35 g from the bush.

What is special about autoflowering when growing?

Autoflowering varieties are not suitable for every purpose of growing a plant. Different types of growers set their own requirements for the volume and quality of seedlings. Commercial cannabis cultivation only considers autoflowers as a side-product. Here are the main benefits you can get if giving your preference to autoflowering varieties:

  1. Productivity. The growing season for autoflowers comes and goes much faster. This time is not enough for the development of a powerful trunk and a branched structure. Consequently, there are not so many cones from one bush – only 30-60 g, which in turn depends on the conditions and care;
  2. Effect. Autoflowering varieties are not weaker than photoperiod varieties but contain fewer cannabinoids than those with a vegetative period of 2 months and flowering of 6-8 weeks when the concentration of active substances accumulates the most.
  3. Pest Resistance. Fortunately, autoflowering cannabis varieties are somewhat less prone to pests and insect infestation. In fact, some autoflowering varieties are bred to have particularly strong resistance to mold and pests. Likewise, due to the short life cycle of autoflowers, insects often don’t have enough time to become a major problem. 

In most cases, autoflowering cannabis seeds are the best growing material for certain growing conditions. Initially, an autoflower variety is selected based on the organoleptic and other useful traits that you want to get from the crop. Take your time to study all the peculiarities of the above-mentioned strains and enjoy high yields!