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Everything You Need to Know About Hotel Promos on Travel Websites

There are many things to keep in mind when running hotel promos. Here are some of the basics:

Off-season hotels offer discounts and perks

Off-season hotels are a great way to save money. You get fewer people in your hotel room, but you can take advantage of discounts and perks. The trick is to find the perfect time to travel. Generally, the best time to travel is right after spring break or during the shoulder season between the high and low seasons.

The cheapest rates are usually non-refundable, but many places have flexible rates and deals. Doing your homework before you make your reservations is a good idea. If you’re planning a vacation, you’ll want to book well in advance.

Avoiding last-minute bookings

If you’re planning a last-minute holiday, look for the best deals. One way to do this is to book with a hotel or travel company with a rewards program. It can include hotel stays and free or discounted airline tickets. Check for hotels within a few days of travel to get the most bang for your buck. If you have a big family or party of passengers, consider renting a hotel near your aircraft terminal to save making several treks to and from your destination.

In addition to the traditional suspects, buying your vacation online may help you locate numerous fantastic offers. Many websites like Travelocity work with hotels and travel companies to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. They also offer several hotel packages, so you don’t have to choose between a cheap hotel or a friendly resort. While you’re at it, you’ll probably want to look at other cool things to do in the city you’re visiting. For example, there are many museums, galleries, and shopping districts to explore in Boston.

Monitoring the metrics behind your hotel’s discount offers

When you run a hotel discount, it’s essential to understand the metrics behind it. These metrics will help you gauge how much you earn from your promotions. Getting more out of each guest can increase your overall revenue.

You should monitor occupancy, rates, ARI, and a good cancellation policy. You can use these to make better decisions about your pricing strategy.

Occupancy is a good indicator of how popular your hotel is. It is especially true during peak seasons. It also indicates how busy your property is during weekends and holiday periods. You can encourage guests to stay longer by offering a discounted rate.

Besides boosting your revenue, a reasonable cancellation policy can reduce your cancellation ratio. You can also increase your hotel bookings by partnering with online travel agents. These partners can help you to showcase your hotel’s presence to potential guests.

Social media is an excellent technique to publicize a bargain. You can connect with your followers and keep them up to date on your latest offers.


Online travel agencies (OTAs) are the most significant source of online bookings in the travel industry. These agencies simplify the booking process, providing convenient features and packages. They also offer lower commissions to large hotel chains. They have also helped hotels increase direct bookings. In addition, OTAs are an excellent resource for hoteliers.

OTAs can help hoteliers generate more direct bookings, but there are several things that hotels need to do to ensure they get the most out of the relationship. They must be proactive, keep their listings updated, and respond to reviews. They should be aware of what their competitors are doing, and they should make use of market managers’ expertise. They should also understand the dynamics of their hotel’s market and how to maximize the benefits of their relationship with OTAs.

Hotels need to create a strategy for how they want to promote their business on OTAs. They should consider how to build a website that is easy to navigate, appealing to customers, and filled with helpful information. Lastly, they should maintain an open line of communication with their OTAs. It will ensure they understand what is working and what isn’t.

Whether your hotel is just starting or already established, OTAs can help you gain more bookings. With the right tools, you can sell more aggressively.

OTAs often run promotions to boost sales. It can include group bookings, promotions on flexible cancellations, and promotions on certain types of accommodation. These can help boost a hotel’s ranking and drive traffic to its website.

Proper cancellation policy 

You must consider the hotel’s cancellation policy if you plan to roll out hotel discounts on your travel website. It will ensure that your discount offers are foolproof and increase your confirmed bookings. It will also allow you to analyze your expenses and revenues.

To start, you should decide when is the best time to launch your discount offers. A good time to do so is during the off-season. It is also recommended that you display the offers on your hotel’s website and OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), as this will give your guests a chance to check out your services before making a reservation.

Another way to promote your hotel discount is by using email marketing. It is a cost-effective and effective means of promoting the offer. It will keep not only your existing guests up-to-date but also your potential guests. It will be crucial for you to craft the emails so that they can grab the readers’ attention. These can be promotional messages or advertisements about your hotel. They can also include a coupon code, a special offer, or even a meal in your hotel’s restaurant.