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Eren Yeagar: Ideas, Looks, Fame, Creative

Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of the world-famous Manga series, Attack on Titan. He appeared first in the chapter 1 of Attack on Titans and last appears in the chapter 139. Hajime Isayama is the man behind the creation of Eren, portrayed by Haruma Miura. Let us know more details about the main character of the Attack on Titan series.

Character Background: Eren Yeagar

Eren was born in the year 835, in the fictional world of Wall Maria. His p other childrenarents’s name was Carla and Grisha Yeagar. Right from his childhood, he aimed to work for the Survey Corps. In his childhood he was harassed by other children of his age group. He used to have good friends with him as well, but the closest was Armin Arlert.

When Eren turned nine years, he lost both of his parents when he found them dead in the house, including the fact that his sister was missing. Dr. Yeagar warned him not to go anywhere outside the house, but Eren followed the footsteps and tracked the robbers in a small cabin. Eren then acted like he was lost, then the robbers approached him as if he was sick, then Eren killed all of them smartly to escape from them. How he deals through each trouble afterwards and how he handles the little girl’s trouble, whom he saved while fighting robbers. The entire character and his arc was designed by Hajime Isayama, who wanted to write the character arc’s in such a manner that people should stick and feel active while reading about him and his struggle through the story.


Coming to the appearance of Eren, he is a young man with good height and a muscular build but not that heavy. He has a resemblance of his face with his mother’s, who had an almost similar long, rounded face with beautiful grey eyes. He had short but sharp styling of hair, with black colour. During his teenage years, he had a very tall and lean build, but after training as a full time soldier and as the character progressed he built himself a muscular and strong physical personality. He normally wears brown trousers and combinations of different shades of shirts and regular brown shoes. In his teenage life, he was always seen in his uniform attire while training and casual while off the training times.


Eren is usually very long and turns into a gigantic avatar of Titan, standing tall at more than 15m. He changes his facial features into a very serious, grim faced, long hooked nose and his mouth undergoes drastic change of unusual, shaken shae. This and addition of no lips and flesh clearly visible from the cheeks, with exposed teeth, made him look very terrified and he expressed his entire exhaustion and anger through howling and roaring.

Eren Yeagar


Eren being trained as a typical soldier and extensively training in hand to hand combat, he grew his skills in physical strength , uses of different styles of punches, throws and submission locks as well. He also mastered the skills of vertical manoeuvring equipment. Eren also transforms into Titan and then his power exceeds himself and he has no control over it. For such a big transformation he requires large stamina and usually gets drained after he gets back into normal form.

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