Slip Dress: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Slip dresses are simple short or long dresses which are sleeveless with very thin shoulder straps which resemble a slip look- wise. Slip dresses have been in the fashion industry for quite long now. Anciently, slip dresses were worn by women at home as night gowns or home wear. The dresses have took a long hike from home wear to fashionable fits. They are very trendy today, even glamourous. The slip dresses are an ever-  green option.

The seductive nature: Slip Dress

Slip dresses were considered and are still considered seductive in nature. The dresses have slip like straps and were generally made out of satin, which give them a shiny texture and look. Revealing so much of skin was very uncommon back then, women generally wore skirts with long sleeved tops ; thus removal of the sleeve altogether makes it look unusual. Thus, these were considered seductive. Not that they are not seen as seductive anymore but the form has changed with added laces and prints.

Journey from home to ballroom: Slip Dress

The slip dresses are very trendy and have a huge fan- base for it. They are manufactured in thousands of colours, especially pastels. In catholic weddings, slip dresses are the favourite choice of bridesmaids. Even celebrities tend to favour slip dresses now. It has come far from just being a home wear, now it is also being worn as a fashion statement on the red carpet. Slip Dress fits perfectly in the celeb attire in the glamourous lives they live in. It is comfortable to wear and looks elegant.   

slip dress

Styling a slip dress

Slip dresses are complete outfits in themselves. The slip dresses generally have cowl necks which are made from a simple rectangle of which two ends have slips and the cloth then forms drapes and folds which fall below the collar bone. Yet, one outfit can be transformed with a few accessories only. Statement jewellery like earrings or unique sets of layered chain can elevate the outfit to a different level especially for some formal occasion or a party sort of event. A pair of heels are the best acquaintance of a slip dress. Simple hair- do’s and classic watches along with a bag of shoulder bags or sling bags gives a ready to go look.

wearing a slip dress in winter was a little difficult until fusion was introduced and then slip dresses were the ultimate party wears in winters too. A slip dress is paired with an over shirt or a blazer along with high boots which protect you from the chills and give a chic look.

Slip dresses are also casually worn with sweater vests and cropped cardigans on top of it with stocks or fur leggings with boots. They are also worn popularly with tee’s where the t -shirt is cropped by forming a knot at one end or the centre. Perfect outfit inspirations are drawn from such fits. Slip dress is a total escape dress from the eternal struggle of deciding an outfit.

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