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7 Important Points that are needed to be Considered about Implants

Dental implants have evolved into the “gold standard” for tooth replacement in dentistry. They’ve gone a long way in the last few decades and now offer a lot more than more traditional restorative procedures. If you’re still not convinced that having an “artificial” tooth implanted in your mouth is a good choice, here are 7 dental implant facts to ponder.

1. Implants are stronger and can last a lifetime-

Tooth enamel is the strongest and toughest material in the human body. Even more durable are dental implants. Their titanium structure can withstand even greater biting pressure and weight than a natural tooth. 

The majority of tooth replacement treatments must be updated and replaced every few years. Dental implants, however, are not one of them. Modern implant designs can become a permanent part of your facial structure because of their high success rate and integration with your body’s natural anatomy.

Even though dental implants can last a lifetime, there is one caveat: they must be cleaned daily. If you don’t brush your teeth properly or develop gum disease surrounding the implant, it will be removed.

2. Non- Invasive-

When a typical bridge is used to replace a missing tooth, the teeth on each side must be permanently altered. Even if those teeth are perfectly healthy and have never had any treatment done on them, a layer of enamel is removed to allow the bridge to fit comfortably over the tooth. Because bridges must be maintained regularly, this practice might weaken the supporting teeth over time.

Dental implants are separate from the rest of the teeth in your mouth. It is not necessary to perform any invasive procedures or reshape the natural tooth structure to place them next to a healthy tooth. The two “teeth” can coexist while natural structures are preserved.

3. Preserve natural biting pattern-

Tooth loss can permanently change the alignment of your teeth. When there is too much gap between teeth, the teeth on either side almost always drift out of alignment. In addition, the opposite tooth that used to bite against the missing one will begin to “super-erupt” out of its socket. Over time, your teeth will become misaligned and your biting patterns will become irregular.

You can help to retain natural biting patterns and teeth alignment throughout your entire mouth by inserting a dental implant into the space as soon as possible.

4. Biocompatible-

It is critical that any foreign material that is inserted into your body is accepted by and compatible with your natural tissues. Even for persons who have skin sensitivity or metal allergies, dental implant components are extremely biocompatible and hypoallergenic.

Implants are made of titanium, which is also utilized in other medical operations such as joint replacements. Because of the particular way our bodies assimilate titanium, it may coexist with your natural bone structures without causing harmful side effects. The titanium can strengthen the bone in that location.

5. Promotes better bone health-

Dental implants are comprised of titanium, which causes your bone to undergo a natural “osseointegration” process. In other words, it induces the formation of a new layer of bone against the dental implant, fusing it into place.

This benefit is especially important if you have missing teeth because tooth loss causes bone resorption or shrinking. Because when you lose teeth, your jaw and facial profile lose support as well. As a result, your facial features may appear sunken-in or older than they are. Bone loss causes your jaws to “shorten” because it weakens the support surrounding the teeth you still have.

The placement of an implant in the space created by a lost tooth increases bone integrity and facial profile support. Because you have a fuller bite and skeletal structure beneath your lips and cheeks, you’re essentially combating the impression of aging.

6. High- success rate-

Dental implants have a 98 percent success rate at Implant Dentist Westport. That leaves you with a 2% risk that something will go wrong. Implant failure is usually caused by the provider’s lack of experience and the patient’s lack of home care. Working with a qualified Raleigh implant dentist and maintaining good oral hygiene can drastically lower the odds of things going wrong.

The effectiveness rate of 98 percent is higher than that of most other recent restorative procedures. Dental bridges, crowns, and fillings are all examples of dental bridges. Even if you don’t believe implants have been around long enough to warrant investment, they have been utilized in dentistry for decades.

7. Comfortable and easy to care for-

Dental implants can be far more comfortable than most people believe, thanks to innovative technology and the knowledge of our dental implants in Westport. In reality, with easy implant placement, only a little dosage of local anesthesia is often required.

The only tissues containing pain receptors in those regions are your gum tissues, despite the fact that implants are put directly into your bone. The extent of any potentially irritating regions you’ll notice during your recuperation is numbing your gums and creating a small gap to access the bone. The only feelings you’ll likely have during the process are pressure and discomfort.

Dental implants and anatomical teeth require the same level of care on a daily basis. Brush and floss them every day to get rid of soft plaque before it hardens into tartar. Brush for at least two minutes twice a day with a gentle toothbrush, paying special attention to the gumlines surrounding each implant restoration. Scrubbing too vigorously (or with rough brushes) might cause damage to your gum tissues.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of them, Implant Dentistry Westport provides full dental implant therapy. Your personalized treatment plan will include a detailed list of our recommendations as well as the associated costs. 

Find out if dental implants are the tooth replacement option you’ve been looking for. Make an appointment with our Dentist Westport now!