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7 Basic Wine Tasting Etiquettes Everyone Needs to Follow

Booking Dunsborough Wine Tours are pretty fancy events. It calls casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike. In Tasmania, Hobart wine tours are a specialty, with tourists and locals flocking to have a taste every harvest season. In fact, Tasmania produces about 98% of Australian wine, with Hobart contributing a significant chunk of it.

But not many know the little etiquettes at wine tasting events. And there are plenty of them! So, here are 7 to get any beginner started.

1. Dress for the occasions

Formal dress codes are uncommon at a wine tasting. However, wearing comfortable and casually stylish apparel is the norm. Even though a vineyard is regarded as informal, wine tasting represents a more sophisticated activity for which you should dress appropriately.

Nevertheless, here are two guidelines to follow like the Holy Grail:

  • Bring some warm clothing in case it becomes cold.
  • Choose proper footwear and keep the vineyard trek in mind.

2. Avoid wearing perfumes

Aromas play an essential role in the wine tasting experience. Wearing perfume or aftershave is the quickest way to ruin that aspect of the tasting for yourself and others. Contrasting smells can also influence how the wine taste. Therefore, visitors should refrain from wearing any scent while visiting a vineyard or tasting room.

3. Pace yourself and split the day up

Pacing yourself is essential when tasting. After all, getting drunk isn’t the point of wine tasting. Include moderation in your day by visiting only two to four wineries at a time. Including activities such as vineyard treks and a large luncheon splits up the day and guarantees variety in activities. 

Moreover, keep in mind that the alcohol content of different wines varies. Thus, it is preferable to consume them slowly and in moderation.

4. Spitting is acceptable

It may seem a little startling to note that spitting or dumping is an entirely acceptable thing to do at a wine tasting room, but it absolutely is! This has a lot to do with the previous point.  

Limiting overall wine consumption by spitting or dumping it is a good idea, especially if you are visiting numerous wineries in a day. Inebriation is, after all, never the goal of a tasting room. And to be able to enjoy every wine equally, it is indispensable to keep your senses alert.

5. Hold the glass by the stem

One of the most important rules of wine-tasting etiquette is to hold the glass by the stem. Always hold the wine glass by the stem during a tasting.

Holding it by the bowl not only leaves fingerprints on the glass but also affects the wine’s temperature, making it difficult to taste. Hence, the most important rule at a tasting is probably this since it affects the overall tasting experience.

While it may seem overwhelming, there is no pressure to get it right the first time. In fact, there is always someone to guide the newbies during Hobart wine tours. 

Nevertheless, knowing how to hold the glass and ensuring that you don’t get fully wine drunk by the end of the first tour can help prevent you from looking back at it in embarrassment. It can also enrich the experience and help you genuinely enjoy the taste of each wine that they consume.

So what’s the hold? Try and book a wine tour today.