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What To Expect After A Deep Cleaning Of Teeth?

If not taken care of, gum disease is one such dental problem that increases over time. Found predominantly in teenagers and young adults, it is one of the most prominently spread dental problems which starts with mildly irritated gums, but it can cost you tooth loss if left untreated. However, if treated at an early stage, such diseases can be treated for the better.

But, what is the ideal treatment for gum disease?

The answer is a deep cleaning of the teeth! Deep cleaning, root planing, or scaling is one of the widely used procedures to avoid numerous gum problems. However, not many people know what follows after undergoing such a treatment. 

Well, thanks to experts like Downey dentist, we now finally have an answer to the question. So let’s have a look!

List Of Problems That You Might Face After a Deep Cleaning Of Your Teeth

  1. Expect Soreness Which Might Last A Few Days!

One of the most common problems that you might face after deep cleaning is tooth soreness. Relax; it’s completely normal and might last up to a few days. 

In case you feel a sense of discomfort in your teeth, try using counter medications or reach out to experts like dental exams & teeth cleaning services Downey. Remember, you might also feel sensitive to liquids and cold foods, and it’s completely normal. 

  1. Avoid Solid Foods While Your Mouth Is Still Numb

Once you’ve done a deep cleaning, most of the patients are advised not to eat much. This way, patients can avoid the temptation to munch on something once they’ve undergone the procedure. 

However, we strongly suggest patients avoid eating until the anesthesia numbness fades away. Eating with a numb mouth can increase the risk of accidentally biting into gums or tongue, interrupting the healing process.

  1. Be Careful About What You Consume Post Dental Deep Cleaning

Once you’ve undergone the procedure, expect your gums to be susceptible for up to a few hours post the process. Such a situation demands you to avoid food items with high acidic value. 

Try avoiding food items like oranges and tomatoes or items that are challenging to chew. Also, try avoiding food items that are converted to small pieces, risking getting lodged within your gums.

  1. Except Minor Bleeding For Up To 48 Hours

Once you’ve undergone the deep cleaning process, expect your gums to have minor bleeding for up to 48 hours following the treatment. Remember, you might also notice a light pinkish hue mixed with your saliva due to the minor bleeding. 

Experts at teeth cleaning services Downey suggest perfectly healthy and expected to have bleeding gums for the first two days. However, if the time limit of the bleeding exceeds 48 hours, ensure that you seek help from trained professionals. 

  1. Abstain From Smoking For A Few Days

Yes, you read it right, try avoiding smoking for a few days after you’ve undergone the procedure. This way you can ensure proper success of the teeth cleaning service. 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure! 

Remember, deep cleaning isn’t a procedure that you need to follow routinely. You only need to perform the cleaning procedure if you’re suffering from early gum disease. Remember, routine checks are the key to beating any early gum disorder.