‘Zwigato’ has made Kapil Sharma empathetic for challenges delivery boys face


Mumbai, March 10 (IANS) Ace comedian and actor Kapil Sharma spoke about his upcoming film ‘Zwigato’ and the challenges of playing the role of a delivery boy. He also shared that the character had him realised how tough life is for delivery boys, and that he has become more empathetic towards them.

He shared: “I understood how difficult the struggles of delivery boys can be, especially after doing this film. I remember once when my wife Ginni had ordered a cake, it got spoiled during the delivery process. The delivery boy assured her that he would bring a new cake to replace it in 15 minutes. Ginni came to me and told me about this and after finding out about the same, I became hesitant and stopped the delivery boy from going back to get a new cake.”

He added that sending the delivery boy back to bring a new cake may result in a deduction from his salary.

“I was concerned that there might be a chance of his salary getting deducted if he did so. This movie made me realise the challenges that delivery boys face on a daily basis, and I have learned to appreciate their hard work and dedication even more. I am not saying tip them, but I am just saying that we can at least say a thank you with respect and that will make them happy.”

Kapil, who will be seen playing the role of a delivery boy in his upcoming film, ‘Zwigato’, shared further that it is important to understand that the delivery boys work day and night to serve others and they should be treated properly. He has learned a lot about the life of these delivery agents after working in this film.

‘Zwigato’ director Nandita Das and Kapil’s co-actor Shahana Goswami are coming on his show to promote the film.

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