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Yuliya Levchenko

Yuliya Levchenko is indeed a very popular name in the United States despite being a Ukrainian. She is a very good lady with a huge potential in the world of sports. The very fact indeed makes her cut above the rest. At a very young age, Yuliya has indeed gained a lot of fame. Much credit behind this goes to her sensational looks. She is a very structured lady with an aim to make her name even bigger and better. The very fact is the main reason behind her stability. All these things make her a very good package. Hence, let us take a deep swim and know more about this ultimate beauty. 

Yuliya Levchenko: Bio

Yuliya Levchenko is a professional Ukrainian high jumper. She hails from Bakhmut, Ukraine, and was born on 28 November 1997. It firstly shows that Sagittarius is her zodiac sign. However, she does not believe in these signs very much. Secondly, it clears her nationality is Ukrainian. She does represent white ethnicity, following the Christian religion. Hence, one can see her visiting the Church on a regular basis. It might be a surprise to many – but she does believe in Lord Jesus from the bottom of her heart. Her age is 24 years.

Yuliya Levchenko: Physical Stats 

It feels after watching Yuliya that she is indeed a very good-looking lady. One can indeed say that is hard to find many better girls than Yuliya, who stands 5 feet and 9 inches (1.8 meters) tall. She takes care of her body very well. Hence, she weighs around 59 kg (130 lbs). Dark brown eyes, blonde hair and white skin indeed take her looks to another level. Yuliya is a famous name and surely a modern lady. However, she is not a huge fan of making tattoos. Yuliya even does not seem keen on doing cosmetic surgeries. It shows that she does believe in natural looks.

Yuliya Levchenko: Parents, Siblings, Childhood, Education 

Born in Bakhmut, Ukraine, Yuliya Levchenko spent most of her childhood in a very Ukrainian city. With the grace of God, she had financial stability in the family while growing up. Despite being so famous, she has not shared much information about her parents and siblings. Maybe she likes to make things private when it comes to her family. Yuliya did most of her schooling (basic) from Bakhmut. However, she did not seem to be a huge fan of academics while fashion and other extracurricular activities did captivate her very much. It shows Yuliya always knew what she was doing. A major credit behind this does to her father. He always wanted to see Yuliya making a name in the world of sports. He indeed must be a proud father. 

Yuliya Levchenko: Boyfriend, Love Life 

Yulia Levchenko is currently dating the hunk – but she hasn’t shared much details about her relationship status Yulia Levchenko is quite distant from boyfriend Yuri Kishchenko. She is a very beautiful woman who is earning very well, so it really makes her a cut above the rest in many different ways.

Yuliya Levchenko: Professional Career 

Yuliya Levchenko is a famous Ukrainian high jumper. She started her pro career at the highest level at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, China. She did finish on the 27th spot – but managed to get the much-needed experience. It allowed her to represent her nation at the 2016 Olympics Games in Rio, Brazil. A year later, she managed to win the silver medal at the World Championships (2017).

Yuliya Levchenko

In 2014, she won the gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games. It indeed set her career at the highest level in style. She does not restrict her to sports only. In fact, Yuliya does do a lot of modelling projects. It makes her a special lady. Despite it is hard to manage many things in style; she does manage to handle both professions very well. Yuliya sees her bright future in sports. She feels that her looks with her passion for sports are a deadly combination. Yuliya has also won medals in other top competitions too. For many young girls, she is a huge confidence booster. The way she carries herself is just classical. 

Social Media  

Yuliya Levchenko has over 215k followers on Instagram. She does like to share her pro career and personal life on Insta. Her impact on Facebook is also very good.

Net Worth

The net worth of Yuliya Levchenko is estimated at around USD 1.2 million. Nike and Red Bull sponsor her. It indeed shows her market value. 

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Hobbies, Stats and Trivia 

  • The hobbies of Yuliya Levchenko are shopping, travelling, swimming and watching movies. 
  • She does enjoy Italian and Ukrainian dishes. 
  • Yuliya is a huge football (soccer) fan. 
  • She does like to spend holidays in summery locations. 
  • Yuliya started her pro career in 2015. 
  • She does like to watch top Hollywood movies and series. 
  • Yuliya is one of the best-looking sportswomen across the globe. 

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