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What is and Is this working or not

As internet usage is increasing in every country, more and more consumers are joining the web, making it hard for governments to stop ethical crimes. Because of this, the government of many countries has banned several websites, which are not of any use in their countries, most of these websites include those that have adult content or something related to anti-nationalism.

Among those sites, one such site is In this blog, we will discuss the problems faced by the mangago site and its users. Also, what are the alternatives to this website?

What is

Mangago is an anime comics website that is quite famous among comic book aficionados since it allows you to view millions of comics without having to pay anything.

All genres are represented here, and the comics are of the highest quality, comparable to a 1080p movie. Many websites offer similar material, but none can compete with Mangago in terms of user interface and rapid content.

What happened to the Mangago site?

The site has been banned in many countries for uncertain reasons. But according to our prediction, it has been banned majorly because of its content.

Mangago provides anime comics that are generally adult in nature. These are very popular among adults, but because of their free access, many kids have also started using these websites. Because of this implication, many countries are not allowing access to this website. 

Though access is denied, users are enjoying the comics on the website using some tips and tricks. Do you also want to know how?

How to access the Mangago website?

To access the Mangago site, you have to enable VPN access on your system. Follow these steps to access the website:

  1. The first step is to enable VPN access, which can be easily done by adding an extension to your Chrome browser.
  2.  Search for “VPN extension” on Google and click on the first result that is displayed. 
  3. Now simply click on “add this extension”.
  4. You have activated the VPN after giving access.
  5. Now choose the country as Singapore and turn the VPN on.
  6. After this, you just search for Mangago.meand your favorite website is accessible to you now.

Is the most popular anime comic website among anime fans?

Well, we are no one to judge. It is all in the hands of anime fans. Whether they prefer Mangago or any other website is totally up to them. We are just analyzing the site traffic and giving you the inner details.

As we did the analysis, we found out that the weekly and monthly viewers of Mangago are more than 1,000,000. It is five times more than any website providing similar content. So it is quite evident that the Mangago site is the real love of every anime fan.

Also, more than 90% of the users of Mangago use its website on mobile. The largest number of users of this website are from Japan and the USA.

What kinds of comic book genres are available at Mangago?

Mangago website has more than 100 million comics stored in its database, which gets updated regularly. This way, it provides all the latest comics right to its users for free. Starting with 

  • Yaoi
  • Doujinshi 
  • Shounen Ai
  • Shoujo
  • Yuri 
  • Romance 
  • Fantasy 
  • Comedy 
  • Smut 
  • Adult 
  • School Life
  • Mystery 
  • One-Shot 
  • Ecchi 
  • Shounen
  • Webtoons 

These are some of the genres that are available on the Mangago website. you can also visit Avple site to explore millions of entertaining Movies, Videos, Music, and many more.


  1. Is using the Mangago website safe and legal?

Ans. If the site is accessible in your place, then it means that it is 100% safe to use the website.

  1. How to access Mangago using a VPN

Ans. Follow the steps mentioned above to access the site using a VPN.

  1. What kinds of comics are available on the Mangago website?

Ans. The Mangago site provides anime comic books, some of which are adult in genre.

  1. Is using Mangago completely free?

Ans. Yes, the site is totally free of charge.

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