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Wheels of Change: Deputy Commissioner of Patiala walks to office

Chandigarh, May 17 (IANS) In an eco-friendly move to mark the 7th UN Global Road Safety Week, the Deputy Commissioner of Patiala in Punjab on Wednesday set a wheel of change by preferring to walk than to opt for an official vehicle to reach her office located some 2 km from her official residence.

This 7th edition of the UN Global Road Safety Week focuses on sustainable transport in particular the need to shift to walking, cycling and using public transport. Road safety is both a prerequisite for and an outcome of this shift.

Urging all officials and non-officials, whose residences fall within the periphery of their offices, to either walk or reach by bicycles as non-motorised transport on their way to work, Deputy Commissioner Sakshi Sawhney said such eco-friendly initiatives will not only help reducing pollution but also improve the health of an individual.

While she was walking towards the office, some of the morning walkers also joined her.

“Actually the idea was to use this opportunity to get feedback on how we can improve our street landscape so that more people opt to walk or cycle, especially considering that Punjab has become the first state to consider ‘Right to Walk’,” an energetic Sakshi Sawhney told the media.

She said her basic purpose to walk to the office was to know and understand the ground realities. “Of course, the environment will benefit with such initiatives that we have to do regularly.”

“I have noticed (during the walk) that some of the footpaths have not been repaired for long, we will improve them. Also we will try to set up more footpaths in Patiala to facilitate the people to voluntarily shun their private vehicles and prefer to walk,” she told IANS.