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What to Expect from Effective Non-12 Step Programs?

Going for rehabilitation to overcome an alcohol or drug addiction is not an easy decision to make. If you decide to start rehabilitation, you should be happy with yourself. When you go for a facility that suits your needs, your recovery will be progressive and smooth.

A rehabilitation facility or center is a clinic that assists individuals with substance addiction to recover from their over-dependence on the substances. This center will offer patients various treatment programs that will help them overcome their addiction. A common one is a 12-step program. This treatment believes in a higher authority and helps addicts to submit to the being for help. A 12-step program for addiction recovery first detoxifies the patient with medication. This efficiently deals with the withdrawal symptoms that the patient may display during the first two weeks. After the detoxification is completed, the rehab then moves on to addressing specific mental problems that cause the addiction. This is done through cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling, the services that are offered by many best rehab centers like Naples addiction treatment center. While this is effective in most cases, it is not for everyone.

For those who do not believe in God, there are alternative programs that are more effective and will suit their preference. One of the treatments is known as a non-12-step program. This method of recovery focuses on restoring an addict’s self-control without him/her submitting to a higher being. If you are an atheist or agnostic hoping to walk through alcohol or drug addiction, you would find alcohol rehab non-12-step recovery programs helpful. Choosing a reputable rehabilitation facility for this treatment is very necessary to achieve positive results.

There are several things to expect from an effective non-12-step treatment. Knowing what it involves will help you make a good decision when choosing a rehab center for it. Now, let us discuss some key treatment methods to expect from the program and the benefits you will get from choosing it.

Some Treatment Methods to Expect in an Effective Non 12 Step Program

The following are some of the recovery processes it follows:


When an addict decides to stop over-drinking or using hard drugs, he or she will experience serious withdrawal symptoms. Most of these symptoms can be profoundly serious. They might even lead to partial or full hospitalization. To reduce or eliminate these symptoms, detoxification is necessary. 

Detox involves taking certain tranquilizers to reduce the withdrawal symptoms. You might also follow a specific diet and take in more vitamins to get your body back on track. 

Recovery Support Groups

It is well-known that people who are recovering from addiction fare better when they are around mutual support systems. Most 12-step groups are very popular, but you can find other non-religious self-help groups. Some non-12-step support groups you can participate in include:

Self-Management for Addiction Recovery

This is also known as SMART. The program employs the use of four postulates to help individuals overcome their addiction effectively. It will empower you and provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge that you need to recover. This treatment is based on scientific and psychological evaluation, not on a religious basis. 

Most of the reasons why people might start abusing drugs or become drunks are due to unemployment or underlying medical problems. This program will effectively provide ways to solve the issues, through therapy or vocational empowerment. If you would like to know more about how vocational empowerment can help addicts, read this article. 


This is also another popular alternative that is highly effective for patients. It encourages addicts to share their experiences with fellow patients. It also provides effective tips that improve the overall health of the person. This includes balanced diet, regular exercise, drinking water regularly, and learning new skills. 

Women for Sobriety

For individuals who are more comfortable around their fellow gender, this recovery group is highly effective for them. It helps women who are victims of drug or alcohol addiction to recover and get back to good health. 

Secular Organization for Sobriety 

This imitates self-management for an addiction recovery group. However, the SOS does not only explain what causes substance or drug abuse but uses the latest scientific research to help patients to overcome their over-dependence in no time.

Moderation Management

For those with drinking issues, this support group can help them recover. Moderation management helps people who may not be classified as alcohol addicts but needs help. This group will help them learn how to use alcohol in moderation. They would find balance and never allow the substance to control their actions.


These therapies can help patients to understand the cause of their addiction and encourage them to avoid abuse triggers. Some of these therapies include:

Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy

This is most common for women who have alcohol abuse problems and underlying borderline personality disorder. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

This helps addicts to recognize and change their attitudes towards drugs or alcohol. It is especially useful for individuals with mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder. To understand more about how this therapy work

Pharmaceutical Treatments

Certain medications can help you quit the misuse of alcohol and drugs. These pharmaceutical drugs are designed to help addicts become abstinent. They reduce cravings and the effects of alcohol and drugs. Before you use these medications, you must get a prescription from an approved medical health provider.

Some of these pharmaceutical drugs include:


This medication has a tamper-resistant compound that reduces/reverses opioid overdose symptoms.


This is a low-dose opioid that reduces withdrawal symptoms and doesn’t leave a high effect on the body.


This injectable drug blocks the high effect of opioids, ensuring that it doesn’t become addictive to users.

Benefits of an Effective Non-12-Step Program

Here are some benefits of this program:

  • It is based on science and research, and not on religion.
  • It does not focus on a higher power, so it is open to anyone regardless of their religious beliefs.
  • It encourages personal responsibility, self-control, and self-worth.
  • It helps a patient to reconnect with their family and help the whole family heal.
  • It roots out the cause of a drug or substance abuse and offers effective and helpful solutions.


Choosing an effective rehabilitation program will make an enormous difference in your recovery process. Ensure that the rehab center you go for offers all the above-mentioned treatment options, then you can be sure of overcoming your substance abuse.