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What Do Temporary Veneers Look Like?

Temporary veneers look just like natural teeth and are fitted and adjusted according to your preference so that the final surfaces look and feel exactly like that. Dental Veneers Farmington Hills offer the best options if you want to opt for this.

Patients waiting for their permanent veneers can opt for temporary ones. There is no difference, and it makes your smile more beautiful. 

Before coming to any decision, one must ask important questions regarding these, that is 

What exactly are Temporary Veneers?

Temporary veneers are described as thin acrylic covering that is put/applied/cemented over the natural tooth to make your smile more beautiful and increase its cosmetic appearance. 

What is the need for it?

Temporary veneers give an experience of a perfect smile while you can make adjustments to your permanent ones. Dentist Farmington Hills offer the best services.

After the preparation of veneers, the teeth become sensitive to cold and hot drinks, and these temporary ones offer relief and protection. 

It is like a trial for the actual expensive ones, these temporary veneers will make you sure about the size, shape, feel, and color, and necessary adjustments can be made accordingly. 

There are the benefits of Porcelain Veneers Farmington Hills

  • Some teeth might be misshapen or discolored due to past injury, which these veneers can fix.
  • Putting a whole crown on these is futile as it does not look good. 
  • If the tooth is fine, veneers are put on the front to shape it or change its color to enhance its beauty.
  • If you have gaps in your teeth or a small crack or chip using these is a viable option.
  • Veneers assists in protecting the tooth structure while only removing a part of the enamel and leaving the tooth untouched. 

Can you eat with these veneers? 

Temporary veneers are thicker than permanent veneers. You have to be a little careful with your fooding habits. 

Reduce the risk of chipping and breaking these temporary veneers by not directly biting into fruits, vegetables, crusty bread, tough meat, ice, etc. but cutting them first to avoid this issue. 

It is also advised to avoid foods that have color additives in them, which stain the teeth.  

All these have to be kept in mind when the temporary veneer is applied to the teeth.

So, what can you eat? Foods like eggs, pasta, fish, soft mashed potatoes, white-boiled rice, and soft fruits like bananas.

How are temporary veneers made?

The dentist will take a mockup of your teeth, and in this, a mold will be taken of your teeth; this mold is then used to make the temporary veneer, then they will pour acrylic over this mold and place it over the teeth, and when it is removed it will leave behind the copy of the wax mockup, the excesses will be removed, and any imperfections will be polished and smoothed out. These temporary veneers stay together in one piece.

It makes flossing difficult, and as there are not bonded to your teeth and you might experience sensitivity; therefore, it is advised to be gentle while brushing. 

Temporary veneers are a perfect option for scoping a perfect permanent veneer and making your smile cosmetically beautiful.