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What Are Different Ways To Launch and Advertise New Business?

When you come up with a new product or service, it can be a lot of work, which is without a doubt not a single stop. Launching and promoting it is the other half of the process. You may have the best thing to offer, but if you cannot promote it in the right way, you are still inclined towards missing a great chance or may end up losing money down the line. With so many businesses pivoting their brands due to the coronavirus and cannot afford any more losses, businesses should have the best ways of promoting their brand. If you are also amongst those who want to take their business to the next level, you should go through this post and implement the best ways of promoting your business to appropriate customers. The type of business you have does not matter. Whether you have a bulk swing top bottles business or any other, these tips will help you without a doubt.

Promoting Businesses

When talking about the ways of promoting one’s new services or products for the business, it may look like there are countless options to choose from. It can be hard to figure out the startup point and the methods that are likely to provide better results. The fact is that there are many low-cost options that you can choose for promoting your brand, and what works solely depends on the type of industry you are involved in, audiences, and offerings. You can take a look at this post and see which is the best for your business Kajitabi –

Exclusive Preview

Loyal customers are an essential part when it comes to promoting the product. It is because they are more likely to not only purchase it but also tell it to others. It can happen in the form of a private, virtual pre-launch party, preview, online tour. Or, you can also do it especially by giving an invitation to test it out and offer their feedback and views on the product. The exclusive offerings are best for enhancing customer engagement and reinforcing how much they value you. Loyalty and engagement are the essential factors for the growth of the business.

Google My Business

There are many ways of promoting your new product or business. Whatever you do, always do research and development as it can help you learn more about promoting your brand. You can use your google business profile which is provided by the Google my business account. The first one is through google my business posts. When you are in the dashboard, you should navigate to the posts tabs. From there, you will see the option for creating an offer.

If you are announcing a new product, you should go for what’s new. Keep in mind that Google my business posts tend to expire every seven days, so you should repost them. Whereas, if you want to run a special deal, an offer post is the best choice for the business as you can set the time frame. It does not matter about the type of post you will use. Ensure that you have a picture and call to action which can help you to promote the business.

You will also be able to promote the product if you upload it to the business profile through the photos tab of the Google my business dashboard and add new items via the services or product tab.

You can also post some FAQs on the new product or services in the question and answers section of the GMB account. To get the most from this promotion method, you can:

  • Utilize all of the sections of the google listing.
  • Ensure that the Google listing is optimized for the maximum visibility
  • Refer to the guidelines for the sizes of the photos.

Run Social Media Contest

These are a fun and easy way of connecting with potential prospects and bringing in more followers and leads for the business. Facebook contests come with an average of 34% of new customers per campaign, which makes it the best way to tackle the low organic search of the platform.

When we talk about the positioning, the winner of the Facebook giveaway should have the chance to be the initial to get your new offerings and get it for free or at less price than usual. Ensure that you announce the content across all marketing channels and not just on your preferred platform. It also includes other social media channels, websites, newsletters for emails, and paid advertisements.

Additionally, to generate more buyers for the new products or services, the enhanced engagement with the social media account is likely to offer more traffic to the website and put the business in front of the customers for creating fun methods of connecting with the audience.

Send Emails

More than 80% of customers open their emails from businesses, and 77% of email subscribers buy something from an email marketing message. Email is the best way to get the word out about the new item in the market. It also makes it an excellent incentive for getting subscribers’ signups in the first place.

You can opt for running a small campaign specifically about the new product you have or opt for a series of emails building up to the launching day. Or you may also want to announce it as the focus piece of the next email newsletter. It can go to the general audience or in support, or as an exclusive offer.

Blog Posts

You may not have a page for subscribers and customers when you want to promote your business and the new product. Your new item can be an upgrade of the existing platform or account. In this case, the goal should be to get more customers. Rather, it should be to get your existing customers to get the new product or services.

Writing blog posts on the latest item will be one of the best ways to go in-depth on most of the details, benefits, and features you may want to include on the landing page. You will also be able to share the links to the blog via social media and emails.


These are some of the efficient ways of promoting the newly launched products or services you want to increase sales. This post can help you make the right choice, and you can take your new product to greater heights.

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