Vivan Sundaram – Architect of contemporary art practice in Indian sub-continent

<br>After a five-and-a-half-year stint in Paris, this was a landmark exhibition that I witnessed, and his line of thought till date continues to inspire me. Vivan’s ‘Collaboration’s Combine’ helped me identify and think and steered me towards a contemporary language rooted in the Indian subcontinent to talk about the global.

Much later I connected ‘Collaboration’s Combine’ with Joseph Boeuys saying an “artist is not a creator but a transporter”.

Vivan in many ways remains one of the main architects of today’s contemporary art practice in the Indian sub-continent. I am blessed by Vivan and Geeta Kapoor’s appreciation and affection… Vivan’s personal note to Roobina Karode, Director and Curator at KNMA, on my large solo at Bikaner House in December 2019 said “this is the best show of the decade”. Roobina was kind to forward it to me the very next day.

He had put his hand on my shoulder on the opening amid a large group of visitors and had said “you don’t know what you have done”.

It’s a sad day for the art world. My salute to this great man… Vivan, you will be missed.

(Renowned artist Vivan Sundaram passed away in Delhi on Wednesday morning. He was 79. Probir Gupta is a contemporary artist known for his socially-engaged paintings, sculptures and installation works)