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Top 5 career options after an English literature degree

Top 5 career options after an English Literature Degree

“I’ll borrow of imagination what reality will not give me” quoted Charlotte Bronte and diving into the world of English literature helps you expand your imagination beyond the horizons of reality. Exploring literary texts from all ages improves communication and writing skills along with flourishing the creative side that will give a better expression to one’s thoughts and words.

Besides providing you with essential literary knowledge, an English literature degree equips you with the necessary skills that will help you carve a niche for yourself in any industry. Whether you are a poet or a story writer, whether you like to read or create, a degree in English literature is the best choice for you.

While exploring the world of Shakespeare, Dickens, Tolstoy, Roy, Narayan and many more, you must also know of the growing career prospects after completing the degree. Here, we take you through the top 5 career options after an English literature degree.

Content Writer

As the digital world continues to grow, content is the king with an increasing demand for digital content writers and bloggers. Producing high-quality content that navigates through the heavy web traffic is a necessity in the digital market and who is better than a literature graduate to perform the role efficiently. Every company is hiring content writers to produce content for web pages and other marketing requirements. If you have an interest in doing research and writing, content writing is the best career for you.


Teaching is one of the most coveted and satisfying jobs across the world. Pursuing B.Ed. or an equivalent after completing graduation helps you secure a job as a teacher in any of the schools. If you want to be a college professor, then going for master’s after graduation is also an option. The profession is lucrative with many openings in the country as well as abroad and comes with other perks and benefits.


Copywriters produce clear, concise and engaging content for advertisements and marketing ideas. As a copywriter, you must work closely with other members of the creative team to ensure that the content suits the marketing requirements of the organization. The written copies should have the creativity to engage the target audience.

Public Relations Officer

Having a degree in English improves your chances of getting hired as a public relations officer. As a PRO, you are responsible for writing press releases and presentations, engaging with clients and media and organizing any events or PR activities as necessary. Communication and writing skills are the primary necessities of becoming a PRO which is acquired from the English degree.


A proofreader is responsible for checking the syntax and grammar of write-ups and making necessary corrections. They read the copies before being published to detect any mistakes in spelling, font, format, grammar etc. To fulfil the role, you should have an eye for detail and an excellent grasp of the English language and grammar.

If you are interested in writing and communicating with others while at the same time enjoying literary expressions, studying English literature is a suitable choice for you with plenty of career options.

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