Tips for Driving Safely with Trucks on the Road


Everyone wants to stay safe while they are on the road, so understanding how to operate safely and efficiently around large trucks is critical. There are a few easy tips you can follow while out on the road, including: 

Make sure you never tailgate a large truck

Driving safely around trucks on the road should be a priority for everyone. One important tip to keep in mind when driving in close proximity to large trucks is to never tailgate them, as their blind spots are much larger than that of your average car. 

The blind spot tends to encompass the length of the trailer, meaning if you can’t see the driver’s side-view mirror – you shouldn’t be tailgating them. You should also always be sure to pass on the left of a truck since their right blind spots are larger than their left ones. Always allow for plenty of distance between you and a large truck when driving and stay mindful of your position relative to them at all times so that you can react accordingly if necessary.

Avoid distractions like texting or talking on the phone

To make sure everyone reaches their destinations safely, it should go without saying that all drivers need to be focused on the road. That means avoiding all distractions while driving, and specifically steering clear of texting or talking on the phone. 

Research shows that even though hands-free devices may still be distracting, they are still safer than using your hand-held device as you drive. So if you’re driving in an area where large trucks frequent, rely on your passengers to text for you and leave the phone alone while behind the wheel. Being aware and observant of one’s surroundings is essential for preventing any avoidable collisions involving trucks.

Be aware of wind gusts when passing or behind them

Whenever you are driving near or around large trucks, especially in windy conditions, it is important to be alert and aware of potential dangers. When passing a truck, extra caution must be taken as the gusts of wind created by the size and speed difference can cause your car to drift off the road or cause other accidents. 

Even when following behind a truck, strong winds can come into play and knock smaller vehicles around. Be sure to drive with extra care and consideration when dealing with windy roads and large trucks as this combination can have disastrous results if taken lightly.

Yield to merging traffic entering the highway

It’s important to be extra alert when driving with big trucks on the road. Making sure to merge safely onto highways is key for avoiding accidents and keeping traffic moving fluidly. When merging, always yield to other vehicles when entering the highway from an on-ramp. 

Merging late into a lane can mean being cut off by traffic already flying by, which can lead to dangerous situations not only for yourself but also for other unsuspecting drivers. Even when traffic isn’t too heavy, always check both sides and yield when necessary. This allows everyone to stay safe and proceed with their journey without delay.

Keep your speed slow and steady – no sudden accelerating or braking

When driving on the road with large trucks, it is important to proceed at a safe and uniform speed. It can be dangerous to accelerate or brake too quickly, as this may startle the truck driver and cause an accident. The slower you are going, the easier it will be to react if something unexpected occurs. 

As drivers, we also need to remember that trucks have large blind spots, so it is best to stay out of them altogether by keeping your speed slow and steady, allowing more time for you to respond in case of potential hazards. In addition, staying alert and aware of traffic conditions while driving can be lifesaving when sharing the roads with large trucks.

Now that you have the tips and knowledge necessary to stay safe while sharing the road with semi-trucks, there is only one final thing to consider: in the unfortunate event of an accident, contact a semi-truck lawyer in Salt Lake City right away. With their help and advice, you’ll be on your way to making sure that justice is served correctly and swiftly. With these helpful tips in mind and the proper resources at your side, you’ll be able to drive with trucks or semi-trucks on the highway without fear of any harm coming to you or anyone else.