The Use of a Strobe Light in Jewelry Photography


Photography is an art, and only an artist can understand its significance and technicality. People consider photography to convert a three-dimensional object into a two-dimensional image. It is a way to conserve and preserve your memories and landscapes. Photography is not only done mainly by professionals. Nowadays, everyone can do it with their smartphones and cameras. 

However, to become a professional photographer, you need to learn the technical details and maneuvering techniques that will help you get a better resolution, optimum contrast, and high-quality images. People do photography of various natural objects, for instance, crafts, mountains, different terrains, jewelry, monuments, etc. Therefore, to do wonder, you must have skills and expertise. 

Similarly, when someone intends to do jewelry photography, he must know the angles, lighting, technical equipment, camera, etc. 

Strobe light photography

One can be an incredible photographer if he knows different technical equipment and expertise should the diversity. In jewelry photography, one must have to show its intricacy and delicacy. Hence, the strobe light is the most significant thing that will enhance its beauty and highlight its crafts. 

Strobe lighting generates short bursts of light, which are more intense and bright than a conventional flashlight. Moreover, one can adjust its intensity and power by manipulating it according to the distance at which an object is placed. Hence, one can increase the brightness if he intends to take jewelry shots at a distance. 

Moreover, the power output delivered by strobe lightning varies from 100 to 1000 watts. Hence, it is a quick and reliable way of giving high-intensity light for a short duration of time. The studio is the most appropriate and convenient place to use strobe lighting. Sometimes, clients want to capture the surroundings and the main object of concern. In that situation, strobe lightning is the best technique. 

Strobe lighting for jewelry

To shoot the jewelry, the photographer placed the object at a distance to increase the intensity of the light. Moreover, this set will include the background and an efficient way to incorporate the group shots. This technique is a valuable way of preserving the quality of an image without affecting its resolution. 

Moreover, the photographer can add different effects with the help of a diffuser. Through this, a person can add a feather effect to the image without losing the picture’s quality. While doing jewelry photography, a person can adjust various parameters to create an image more appealing to the viewers. The photographer can manipulate an image’s color, temperature, and contrast through strobe lighting. 

However, strobe lighting is not a good choice for remote shoots. It can deliver an efficient quality in the studio as it’s not portable. Compared to other shooting lights, it is the most effective and powerful way of capturing jewelry. Moreover, its high quality and intensity can overpower the sun and deliver better resolution and an optimized image.  

How to use strobe lighting for jewelry

Shooting different pieces of jewelry articles might be cumbersome. Hence, the right equipment and a good technique can make this process relatively easy. For instance, if a person wants to photograph diamond engagement rings professionally, he will use strobe lighting for high-quality images. Strobe lighting is a mono-light that gives an impression of professional photography. To use strobe lightning, follow these instructions.

  • For operating strobe light, you will need a transmitter that functions as a walkie-talkie to send and receive the stimulus. The strobe light and the transmitter must synchronize to avoid signal distortion. Moreover, the transmitter is the guiding instrument that will control the functioning of the strobe light. 
  • Adjust the appropriate flash duration according to the requirement. Moreover, use a modeling light to determine the exact location for the fall of the strobe light. You must have the correct camera setting to capture the jewelry in detail. All the photographers designate the sync speed according to their feasibility. A camera with high sync speed causes the frames to appear dark as they could not capture shots due to high speed. 
  • Moreover, use the shutter speed that the strobe can easily handle. Otherwise, it can produce different effects when capturing jewelry, such as motion blur. 
  • After making all the necessary preparations related to transmitter-receiver setting, camera setting, etc., choose a 100 IOS setting which is relatively easy to work. Later, adjust the strobe intensity according to the distance your jewelry is positioned from the strobe light. 
  • Moreover, choose a guide number accordingly. The guide number is generally the ratio of the length of an object from the strobe to the correct aperture. In this way, to find the right guide number, you need to measure an accurate distance from the thing to the strobe. 
  • Moreover, experts suggest that you do not cast the light directly over an object as it will brighten the thing more than required. Further, strobe light can give a diffuse glow and a subtle look. 
  • If a jewelry article is placed closer to the strobe light, choose indirect means to fall the light over the object. In that case, you can deflect the head of the strobe away from the point of interest. This deflection will give an extra pathway for the light to travel. Hence, the light will fall after bouncing off the wall or ceiling. Moreover, you can use a reflector or mirror for an indirect approach. Further, use a cardboard sheet to concentrate the light on a fixed spot. 
  • You can use various items for an ambient or diffuse look. For instance, use bedsheets, tinfoils, floppy disks, etc., for an enchanting and subtle look. Hence, utilizing these techniques can add a perfect and professional touch to your photographs. Jewelry photography requires an enhancement of its color, material, and design. Therefore, strobe light is a remarkable technique. 
  • Before initiating the photography, take test shots to determine light intensity, camera speed, and power accurately. Moreover, choose different lights according to the object. You may choose LED lights, halogen, or xenon flash. 


The strobe light is the best way to highlight jewelry’s elegance and intricacy. You can choose different lights for this purpose. Moreover, these short flashlight bursts are powerful enough to subdue the sun’s intensity. Hence, one can use it for indoor shoots as well. Proper technique, Good lighting, and a Perfect piece of jewelry can lead to magnificent photography.