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The Office Zoom Backgrounds

The Office Zoom Backgrounds

Who has not seen the famous we series “The Office”? It is, without a doubt one of the most loved shows that has ever been created. With its humorous scenes, the complete comedy, romance, satires , everything make it a complete package for any lover of series. “The Office” aired almost 20 years ago on NBC  but the fame it created is still there.

The famous backgrounds where everyone sat to talk about their perspectives is something that no one can ever forget. This show taught us everything in an office environment, from office romance to why fire drills should be done! It is also likely to have instigated a lot of office workers to indulge in pranks, like Jim Halpert. And I am also sure that everyone knows at least one Michael Scott in their lives.

 The show lives on through the workers of today and the popularity of it means that this generation is also pretty well acquainted with it. No one can be a stranger to the infamous Dunder Mifflin bullpen. The love for this show has been so much that now it has been taken  up by various employees of several companies to set up their Zoom backgrounds inspired by “The Office”. This should not come as a surprise as the bullpen, the conference room and even characters floating around in the background give the exact feeling of a person working in an actual office, when in reality they are actually in a remote working environment.

The Conference Room Interview Window as Background

Any one who has seen even one episode of this show will instantly recognise the Interview background, where each loved character of the show has taken turns to express their thoughts and ideas. This is where almost half the series takes place and where most of the information comes to view. Naturally, this was the first of many Zoom backgrounds to be used by office workers worldwide.

Michael Scott’s Office Desk as Background

Ah, Michael Scott! Who can forget the legendary character and of course his legendary Office ? The one that he was so proud of , that he almost treated it as his fort and himself to be the King. This is a classic fan favourite as anything that Michael Scott did with his desk is pure gold. There are many an episode that comes to mind where his office cabin and the desk played quite and important role.

Wayne Gretzky Michael Scott Quote on Whiteboard as Background

Everyone is familiar with the notorious quote that Michael Scott loves to claim as his own. In front of a well-known Wayne Gretzky quotation, he is shown reflecting on his life decisions when he ventured out and founded his own paper firm.

Jim Halpert’s Desk as Background

Jim Halpert is undoubtedly one of The Office’s most adored characters. This is an excellent picture of his desk that would look fantastic as a Zoom backdrop.

These are some of the most used backgrounds on Zoom used by remote workers worldwide. It is now used by many and is gradually spreading among those who continue to follow a work from home based office.