Stay alert of people coming from Delhi, Nitish advises Kushwaha community

Patna, March 29 (IANS) In wake of Upendra Kushwaha quitting the JD-U and BJP appointing Kushwaha leader Samrat Chaudhary its Bihar unit chief, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday sought to reach out to the Kushwaha community, citing all that his government had done for them.

Addressing a gathering of Kushwaha community at the Sri Krishna Memorial Hall here to celebrate the birth anniversary of Emperor Ashoka – whom the Kushwahas claim descent from, he used the term “Sachet Rahiyega” (remain alert) from the people who come from Delhi and claimed that they have done lots of things for them.

“I have done lots of things for the memory of Samrat Ashok and Kushwaha community in Bihar. You people know it very well. I want to alert you that some people will come from Delhi and claim that they have done lots of things in the memories of Samrat Ashok. I want to tell you that they have done nothing but they claimed that they have done everything. So, be alert of them,” Nitish Kumar said and also took an assurance from the people of Kushwaha community by asking them to wave both hands in the air to support him and not others.

“I did so many things for the welfare of Kushwaha community and overall people of Bihar but you have never seen me claiming my achievement. They (BJP) have done nothing. They have nothing to do with the freedom struggle. They are trying to wipe out Mahatma Gandhi. They are in power in the country but nothing has been done for the welfare of common people. They have only done lip service. So, be alert of them,” here.

Nitish Kumar-led JD-U has a core vote bank of Kurmi (Lav) and Kushwaha (Kush) in Bihar. After Upendra Kushwaha left the JD-U, some of the Kushwaha vote bank purportedly shifted towards him, and now the BJP naming Samrat Chaudhary in Bihar is aimed at attracting the Kushwaha community – the third largest in Bihar after Muslims and Yadavs – towards it.