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Rose Khan recalls being bullied by her co-stars during initial days

Mumbai, Feb 23 (IANS) ‘Dharam Patnii’ actress Rose Khan recalled the time when she was not treated properly and had a tough time shooting for one of her TV shows.

She shared how she was bullied by some of her co-actors.

While remembering her initial years in the industry, Rose shared: “Everybody gets subjected to some sort of criticism. Similarly, I also got to face hurtful remarks from some of my co-stars. I don’t like to name the actors or show but yes, I have faced hard criticism. Some of the actors on the set used to mock my acting skills, height, complexion, etc.”

She said that they used to bully me by saying: “She doesn’t even understand camera lighting, doesn’t know where she has come from, her height is small, her complexion is dark’. These remarks were quite hurtful for me and sometimes demotivating too.”

The ‘Hit: The First Case’ actress said: “However, I can’t say that the whole team used to make fun of me because there were some of the co-actors who were supportive too. I decided not to bother about what they say, instead focus on working hard. That phase was surely not easy for me but I am happy that I made it through.”

While talking about her career graph, Rose said: “The path to success is never smooth, but the destination is. From getting mocked by co-actors to receiving immense appreciation from senior actors, my career graph has changed a lot. I am happy and satisfied to see myself grow as an artist.”

Professionally, the actress has done movies like ‘Commando 3’ and ‘Hit: The First Case’. She also played a key role in the show ‘Kumkum Bhagya’. Apart from this, Rose did a project, ‘Jaamtara 2’ as Shabnam.