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Rajasthan: Bhilwara municipality seeks police help to ‘arrest’ stray pigs

Jaipur, Feb 3 (IANS) Bhilwara – the textile city of Rajasthan which hit the national headlines for its deft handling of Covid pandemic – is back in news again, albeit for an entirely different reason.

This time, it’s a letter written to Bhilwara SP Adarsh Sidhu by Municipal Council Commissioner Durga Kumari seeking police assistance to “arrest” stray pigs creating nuisance in 70 wards of the city.

When the letter reached the officials concerned, it sparked laughter among them. To overcome the embarrassment, she shot off another letter the following day clarifying that police help was needed to rule out the possibility of a dispute between the pig catching contractors.

Notably, on February 1, the council Commissioner wrote a letter to Bhilwara SP saying that the people in 70 wards of Bhilwara are frustrated with the menace of stray pigs. She sought police to “arrest” the stray animals. “The SP Sir is requested to provide a police team to the Municipal Council Bhilwara to catch the stray pigs,” read the letter.

On seeing it becoming a laughing stock, the commissioner sent another letter to the SP informing him that new tenders have been issued to stop the stray animals wandering in the wards. As the new contractor is an outsider, there is a chance of a clash with the old contractor. The situation may deteriorate law and order in the Municipal Council area. Hence, Police ‘Japta’ be provided, said the second letter.

Meanwhile, the letter is going viral on social media with the netizens having a field day posting hilarious comments.