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Nawaz Sharif wants me sent to jail before agreeing for elections: Imran Khan

Lahore, Feb 12 (IANS) Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday claimed that PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif’s condition for agreeing to hold elections is to first disqualify him and send him to jail, media reports said.

Before elections, Nawaz Sharif wants me to be disqualified and sent to jail, Imran Khan said in a televised address, Samaa TV reported.

He also said Pakistan is passing through a critical juncture, and “if correct decisions are not taken, the country will suffer a great loss”.

Imran Khan also said that in developed countries, only rule of law prevails.

He further said courts are meant to treat the weak and the powerful equally. The powerful always considered themselves above the law, and the law is not being implemented to save wealth.

The corrupt want to save their money one way or the other, and unfortunately they got NRO (relief in corruption cases) from (then Army chief) Gen (Qamar Javed) Bajwa, he said, as per Samaa TV.

Imran Khan claimed the “corrupt lot” was scared that if he came to power again, their NRO will end.

“I salute our judiciary on behalf of the nation. All our hopes are pinned on the judiciary,” he said

The PTI chief further claimed efforts are being made to prevent him from coming to power. The entire nation is looking towards the judiciary to protect the Constitution.

“I want to ask the nation to prepare themselves, these people will pressurize the judiciary again,” he said, Samaa TV reported.

The former Prime Minister maintained that if the country is to be taken out of the quagmire, elections must be held soon. If elections are not held within 90 days, it will be a violation of the Constitution.

“If elections are not held, caretaker governments will have no value,” he stated.

Imran Khan said during the PTI era, these people used to raise slogans of “respect the vote”, but are now scared of elections. They will only announce elections once they know the grounds have been prepared.