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Marius Guardiola: Biography, Age, Life, Net Worth

Marius Guardiola
  • Marius – celebrity son
  • Father – Pep Guardiola
  • Mother – Christina Guardiola
  • Millionaire by 19 years

Marius Gaurdiola is the celebrity son and youngster who is the son of football legend Pep Guardiola and Spanish journalist and fashionista Christina Guardiola. Marius is already a millionaire teenager who might follow the footsteps of his father. Let us know more details about him in brief.

Marius Guardiola Early Life And Bio

  • Born 2003
  • Father – Pep Guardiola – ex football player, current manager Manchester FC
  • Mother – Christina Guardiola – Journalist, writer and Fashionista
  • No info about childhood
  • Kept privacy from media

Marius Guardiola was born in 2003, who is the son of celebrity couple Pep Guardiola, who is ex Spanish football legend and current manager of the Manchester City F.C and Christina Guardiola, who is Spanish writer, Journalist and Fashionista from Brazil. The information regarding the childhood and schooling of Marius is not disclosed to the media as they want to keep little privacy for their children, hence there is not much information available about his high school and childhood.

Marius Guardiola Physical Appearance

  • Nerd look, big glasses, lean body
  • Smart kid
  • Good grades and academics
  • No info of height and weight
  •  No info of physical changes

Marius looks like a nerd with big, squared glasses and a lean body but is a really smart, intelligent kid in the family. He is said to be having good school grades and  highschool performances in the academics have been really great but other information is not revealed yet. He is 19 years old and he is constantly changing with his height drastically changing in the last few years. As he is under change, the accurate information is not available about his height and weight but as soon as he crosses 21, the information will be updated here as soon as possible.

Marius Guardiola Personal Life

  • Too young for relationship
  • No rumours or dates with anyone
  • Single for now
  • Loves family, plays football with friends

Although Marius is in his teenage years and may have any love interests, there is not a single incident of his affair or date with anyone, as he loves spending time with his family and enjoys playing Football with his friends. He is said to be more focused on career and wants to complete his high school but his future plans are not yet revealed to the media.

Marius Guardiola Family

  • Second child of Pep Guardiola and Christina Guardiola
  • Two siblings – Maria Guardiola and Valentina Guardiola
  • Maria – elder sister, model, social media influencer
  • Valentina – younger sister, 13 year old
  • Pep met Christina in 1986
  • Since then dating till 2014
  • Marriage in 2004

Marius is the second child of the celebrity couple Pep Guardiola and Christina Guardiola. Pep and Christina met in 1986 and started dating ever since, as they were together for more than 20years. After such a long period of love and affection between the couple, they got married in 2014 in a low-key reception. Marius has two other siblings with him being the middle child, as his elder sister Maria Guardiola is a model, social media influencer and his younger sister Valentina Guardiola is just a 13 year old mid school teenager.

Marius Guardiola Career

  • Too young to start a career
  • No info about career
  • Loves football
  • Rumours of football career
  • Mother strikes off rumours

Marius is quite young to start his career but there have been many rumours of him going into the Football arena just like his father who was a legendary Spanish former football player. However, the rumours and speculations were kept to a full stop by her mother as she revealed that her son Marius, is very focused on studies and loves playing Football as a mere timepass but the future goals are to be discovered later after his high school completion.

Marius Guardiola


  • Second child of Pep and Christina Guardiola
  • Met in 1986, dating till 2014
  • Marriage in 2014
  • First child – Maria Guardiola – born 2004
  • Second child – Marius Guardiola – born 2003
  • Third child – Valentina Guardiola – born 2008

Marius is the second child of the celebrity couple Pep and Christina Guardiola. Pep Guardiola is ex football player from Spain and his wife, Christina Guardiola is Spanish journalist, writer and fashionista. They both met in 1986 and were dating ever since then. They had three kids before their official marriage in 2014. The first child was Maria Guardiola, who was born in 2000 and is currently a model, social media influencer whereas the second child was born in 2003, who is Marius. The last child they had is Valentina Guardiola who was born in 2008 and is currently 13 years old.

Marius Guardiola Net Worth

  • Marius – 19 year old millionaire
  • Father – Pep Guardiola – net worth $100 million
  • Mother – Christina Guardiola – net worth $4 million
  • No accurate info, only experts report

Marius Guardiola is young but already a millionaire, thanks to his celebrity parents. With his father’s net worth more than $100 million and his mother’s net worth is just under $5 million, he has approx $40 million of net worth and if he goes into a football career, he might just add even more. Although the information is not officially released, the numbers are based on the experts assumption which might vary.

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