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Liquor prohibition commissioner abuses IAS officers and people of Bihar

Patna, Feb 2 (IANS) An in-house meeting of the liquor prohibition department has gone viral on social media where it’s commissioner KK Pathak can be seen slamming IAS officers and the people of Bihar for their bad habits.

During the meeting, Pathak allegedly used abusive words for the people of Bihar and the government officials as well. The Bihar Administrative Services Association (BASA) has objected to his conduct and filed a complaint in the Secretariat police station in Patna.

As per the content of the video, Pathak compared the residents of Patna with Chennai. “The residents of Chennai travel on the left side, does anyone see the commuters of Patna doing the same? They blow horns when they have to stop at a red light while the commuters of Chennai stay silent when they stop at a red light,” he said.

Pathak asked the officers to give written complaints to him against the deputy collectors, and he will take action against them and BASA officials.

Following the viral video, BASA president Sunil Kumar Tiwari filed an application at the Secretariat police station in Patna on Thursday afternoon.

“KK Pathak is a serial offender at abusing officers. He has used unparliamentary and abusive language against the people of Bihar and officers. Hence, we have filed a complaint against him at the Secretariat police station,” Tiwari told IANS.

“KK Pathak is also additional chief secretary of the Bihar Institute of Public Administration and Rural Development. We have appealed to him to make the training easier as one of the young officers had died during the training period. Due to his ego, Pathak started targeting BASA after that request from our side,” Tiwari said.

“He is also additional chief secretary in the registration department and he had cancelled the registration of BASA as well. We are demanding from the chief minister and the chief secretary to sack him,” Tiwari said.