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Kanwar Dhillon on his love for bikes: Bikes are very integral part of my life

Mumbai, Feb 19 (IANS) Actor Kanwar Dhillon, who is currently seen playing the role of Shiva in the show ‘Pandya Store’, shared about his love for bikes, their importance in his life, and how he prefers going to the sets on his bike daily.

He shared: “I travel on my bike to the set every day because I am a bike lover and I love riding bikes, and in this Mumbai traffic, bikes are any day much more convenient to travel on and it saves a lot of time. And sometimes when I have a little time in between scenes, like 2-3 hours of the gap, I just hop on my bike, go to the gym, get my workout done, which is part of my activity for the day, and come back to the set.”

Kanwar has also been part of many daily soaps, like ‘Hum Hai Na’, ‘Piya Rangrez’, ‘Internet Wala Love’, and many others. While most of the celebs prefer to travel in luxury cars, the actor shared that his preference will always be bikes.

“I am quite aware of people who don’t like to move in anything less than cars, but for me, the mode of transport doesn’t matter if it’s saving my time and if it’s convenient for me. I hate travelling in trains though,” he said.

He added further: “Bikes are a very integral part of my life, and as far as luxury is concerned, I have the luxury of taking out either of my cars and going to shoots, and I do that when I have to attend functions or events post shoot, but other than that, I have a bike in my parking lot, and it’s my dream bike, which I bought last year. So where luxury is concerned, I am not missing anything for me. I don’t have to be conscious about my image if I choose to travel the way I like.”

“There are a couple of eunuchs at the Oberoi mall signal who have been seeing me since I became an actor, and since the time I am going to film city, even they know all my vehicles, and the moment it turns a red light, they come to me and bless me. I give them whatever I have so it’s fun,” he concluded, recalling a few moments while he is travelling on bikes.