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Kaia Faith Calaway

Wrestling legend The Undertaker has been a household name in the entertainment world for decades. But few know that he is also a father to his daughter Kaia Faith Calaway. In this article, we’ll take a look at the life of Kaia and the impact she has had on her famous father’s legacy.

Kaia Faith Calaway: Intro

The Texas-born Kaia was born on 07 August 2012. But Kaia is Undertaker’s youngest child as even the age difference between the other three siblings is huge. Hence, she is the most pampered child out of the four. Even her siblings do pamper her a lot, which does seem to be a bonus for Kaia.

It does tell the show Kaia and how she has been the lifeline for his father, who is one of the most known personalities around the world. He can be top 20 most-known people alive. Kaia Faith Calaway is the daughter of WWE legend The Undertaker. She was born on August 5, 2005, and is currently 14 years old. Kaia’s father, The Undertaker, is a wrestler who has been with WWE for over 25 years.

He is considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Kaia’s mother, Michelle McCool, is also a former wrestler. She retired from WWE in 2011. Kaia has two older brothers, Chase and Gunner. Chase is a model and actor, while Gunner is currently enrolled in college.

Kaia has made occasional appearances on WWE programming, most notably at WrestleMania 32 in 2016, when she accompanied her father to the ring for his match against Shane McMahon. In addition to her wrestling pedigree, Kaia is also a talented singer and songwriter. She released her first single,”Rise Up,” in 2018.

Kaia’s Relationship with Her Father, the Undertaker

Kaia Faith Calaway is the daughter of world-renowned professional wrestler, The Undertaker. She was born on August 5, 2005, making her currently 14 years old. Not much is known about Kaia’s relationship with her father as they have managed to keep it relatively private. However, from what we can see, it appears that the two have a very close bond.

In 2016, a fan video surfaced of The Undertaker attending one of Kaia’s soccer games. He can be seen proudly cheering her on from the sidelines while she plays. In the video, he is also seen giving her a big hug and kiss after the game.

It is clear that The Undertaker loves his daughter dearly and is very supportive of her endeavors. We hope to see more of this father-daughter duo in the future!

Kaia Faith Calaway

Age, Height, Weight And More of Kaia Faith Calaway

Kaia Faith Calaway is just 10 years old now. Hence, her height keeps on growing. The same case goes for weight. But she is a fitness lover and wants to be the same as an adult as he has watched his father carrying great fitness to his late 50s even, which is not normal for 99 per cent of humans around the world. Kaia has hazel eyes and blonde hair. She does not smoke or drink alcohol as she is too young for that as of now.  

Kaia Faith Calaway – Father, Mother, Siblings

Kaia Faith Calaway has one big and happy family. Her father is the one and only The Undertaker. The mother of Kaia is Michelle McCool, who is a professional wrestler too. Catherine Calaway, Frank Calaway, Terry McCool and Mary McCool are the grandparents of Kaia.

The uncles of the beautiful child are Timothy Calaway, David Calaway, Paul Calaway and Michael Calaway. All of them are from her father’s side. She is blessed to have three siblings named Gunner Vincent Calaway, Gracie Calaway, and Chasey Calaway. As his father has married three times, there many different relationships she does carry.

Kaia Faith Calaway: Education

Kaia Faith Calaway

Kaia Faith Calaway was born on August 3, 2002, in Austin, Texas. She is the only child of WWE legend The Undertaker and his wife Michelle McCool. Her parents met while they were both working for WWE.

As of right now, Kaia is focusing on her education and training in various sports like gymnastics and jiu-jitsu. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for this young lady!

Background of The Undertaker

The Undertaker, born Mark William Calaway, is one of the most iconic figures in professional wrestling. He has been with WWE for over three decades and has held numerous championship titles. The Undertaker is known for his dark and macabre persona, which has led to him being nicknamed “The Deadman”.


Kaia Faith Calaway is the daughter of The Undertaker and his wife Michelle McCool. She was born on August 3, 2012. Kaia is The Undertaker’s only child.

The Undertaker has spoken about how much he loves being a father and how proud he is of his daughter. In an interview with ESPN, he said: “It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love everything about it…I want to be there for her as much as I can.”

He also spoke about how he hopes his daughter will never enter the world of professional wrestling, saying: “I don’t want her to be a wrestler. I want her to find something else she’s passionate about and follow that.”

Kaia Faith Calaway: Relationship between Parents

The relationship between the parents of Kaia Faith Calaway does seem to be a good one as of now. The Undertaker has married three times and the mother of Kaia is the third and current wife of the mega WWE superstar. Jodi Lynn is the first one The Dead Man married in 1989. But they parted ways 10 years later in 1999. A year late, the megastar married Sara Calaway. They lived for seven years and then parted ways in 2007.

It did lead Michelle McCool to marry the mega WWE Hall Of Famer to tie knots in 2010. It did indeed create a lot of headlines and made them one of the best-known WWE professional pairs. Kaia does have a great relationship with her father and mother. Hence, it does make the vibe of the home better.

Kaia Faith Calaway

Kaia Faith Calaway Net Worth

Kaia Faith Calaway Net Worth does have a net worth of 2 million USD. It is her father The Undertaker who has transferred two million each to all four kids. Despite the fact, Kaia’s father has a net worth of USD 40 million. He has worked all the way for WWE for becoming the name of the brand and hence, it has made the life of Kaia and his family happy. Through her father, she does own a Ferrari. Her father does have many cars – but Ferrari is something that does make her happy.   

The family does have two big houses in the US and they do keep on buying properties here and there for making other ways to earn money. This is what tells a lot about the rich childhood Kaia has and it does make things look better for her. She even pushes her father to help others, which is a very great thing for a young girl as having a pure heart to give to others is massive.

kaia faith calaway

Social Media

She has her father who has millions of followers on social media, having over 4.4M followers on Instagram. It does show that there are some following. It is just his father is a bit old school. Otherwise, he can have more than 100 million followers on Instagram only, which does talk a lot about Kaia and the art they do want to do in the very best way.

They do not spend as a family a lot of time on social media; otherwise, one would have known every day what Kaia is doing. It would have been like seeing the life-like The Rock does, being too active on social media.

Age & Childhood: Kaia Faith Calaway

Kaia Faith Calaway is 10 years old as of now. Hence, when she does go with him. It does make her happy to see how famous his father is. She has a great childhood where she did follow her father having great fights in WWE in the US mostly.

It does make her feel how great his father is and how great looks he in this brick-and-mortar world. She has got all that she wanted from the very first day. From the best of life to great toys, it is all she has and thanks to her hard-working father who has worked a lot to make an impact, it does help the star kid to have a better life.

Kaia Faith Calaway

Career and Professional Life: Kaia Faith Calaway

Kaia Faith Calaway is the daughter of WWE legend The Undertaker. She has followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming a professional wrestler. Kaia made her wrestling debut at the age of 18, when she competed in a match against her father at a WWE live event.

Since then, Kaia has gone on to compete in various matches and tournaments. She has also appeared on WWE television shows such as Smack Down Live and NXT. In 2019, Kaia won the Mae Young Classic, making her the first ever winner of the tournament. Kaia is currently signed to WWE’s main roster, where she competes under the name “Kai” Harper.

One can see the class of Kaia and the creative touch they are having in the very best way. Hence, one can see it as an example to follow as many times the kids of rich people do go in the wrong direction and kill things for the rest of their life and hence, a person has to grow at the right manner and lead to a level where one can see great things coming out in a better manner. It is what the class Kaia has and the creative touch she has. For many fathers and mothers, they can teach life lessons to their children in a manner The Undertaker has done with her youngest child and the other three too.

Impact of The Undertaker on Kaia’s Life

Since her father’s retirement from WWE in 2020, Kaia Faith Calaway has been thrust into the spotlight as she begins to forge her own path in life. The impact that her father, The Undertaker, has had on her life is immeasurable.

As the daughter of one of the most iconic figures in professional wrestling, Kaia has had a front row seat to witness her father’s legendary career. She has also seen first-hand the dedication and commitment that it takes to be a successful professional wrestler.

The Undertaker’s impact on Kaia’s life extends beyond her upbringing in the professional wrestling world. He has instilled in her the importance of hard work, determination, and perseverance. These are values that she will carry with her throughout her life and career.

Kaia is currently signed to WWE’s developmental brand NXT UK. She is quickly making a name for herself and is poised to have a bright future in the world of professional wrestling. There is no doubt that The Undertaker has played a significant role in shaping the person she is today and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented young woman.

Kaia Faith Calaway

Kaia Faith Calaway Trivia

  • Kaia Faith Calaway is the youngest daughter of the mega former professional wrestler The Undertaker.
  • She does like to spend time with friends, has my time with her father, go to the pizza shop and all.
  • Pink is the colour Kaia is most festinated with.
  • She is so obsessed with Indian food that one can see many takeaways coming to their home every now and then.    
  • She does like the music of Tylor Swift a lot, most of her love songs. It shows that she can be a romantic girl in the coming years.
  • Kaia does like to travel around the world. She has been to England, France, Mexico and Canada now.
  • She is not at all someone who would spend even a minute watching sports as of now.

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