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Electronic games have been a fun tradition from the very beginning, providing children (and families) with countless games to keep them lost for hours in a row.

And Minecraft has undoubtedly left its mark on the gaming world-since it was first released on PC, it is now more applicable to different consoles than ever before, including PS4, Nintendo Switch and XBOX 360, and Mobile devices. (Check out these exciting statistics about Minecraft.). For more detail get online package of information from expert by paying charges through payment gateways.

Although even the most basic Minecraft game scenes provide a lot of entertainment, such as the use of Minecraft vanilla for single-player games, the power of expansion, modification, and the increasing choice of playing with friends undoubtedly make things change. Better.

From simply playing with other people under the same roof, to connecting with friends who live across the country or even internationally, there are several different ways to enjoy the popular sandbox adventure. Each multiplayer experience has its own Unique benefits.

Need more basic information about the game before starting? Here are some useful Minecraft resources for parents, they will help demystify the ender dragon and mod world!

How to play Minecraft with friends

To play Minecraft with friends, children can choose to set up a local area network, create a private Minecraft server, play Minecraft Realms, or even just split the screen on their favorite console.

Minecraft Bedrock

A short note before starting: When looking for a way to play Minecraft with friends, it is important to note that the Java and Bedrock versions of the game will provide different options. Although there is definitely an overlap between the two, it helps to know what your child is using to get accurate guidance!

On the one hand, Minecraft Java Edition is compatible with Mac, Linux and PC, so it is suitable for using a computer to connect with friends. When making Minecraft mods that require Java, it’s no surprise that the Java version is easier to use.

If children want to play Nintendo or Xbox products, the Minecraft Bedrock version is compatible and perfect with the console.

The Bedrock Edition and Java Edition of the game provide methods to connect through realms and private servers (more on this later!)

So should you use Bedrock or Java when playing Minecraft? The answer is, it depends! Part of the charm of this game is that it can be infinitely customized according to the preferences of different players.


LAN stands for local area network. When children have a company and they are all connected to the same WIFI, it is a great choice for playing Minecraft with friends.

First of all, you need a powerful enough host to run the game and at the same time act as a server for others, which can be difficult. However, if you have the LAN option, it is a relatively quick setup. There is an added benefit of online safety: music can be heard by any parent, because gamers are limited to those connected to the home WIFI.

For instructions on how to play Minecraft on a LAN, check out these easy-to-use guides:

  • Tutorial for how to set up a LAN world
  • How to play multiplayer Minecraft
  • Troubleshooting Minecraft LAN game problems

Minecraft private server

“Server” can be a scary word, especially when you have kids connecting to random public servers full of strangers and unknowns.

However, by setting up your own private server, most of the risks can be mitigated, because you will better understand who you are contacting and playing with in your child’s world.

Having said that, we are still talking about IP addresses, so these instructions are for parents who help their kids set it up. In other words, children should not do any of these without their parents’ permission.

Why is that? Setting up and running an online server means that anyone with your external IP address can join your server and play in your Minecraft world. Of course, this is something that adults should pay attention to.

In this sense, it is also a good idea to keep an up-to-date list of people you and your child invite to play on the server. Of course, the best way to ensure that online gambling is as safe as possible is to only invite people you know and trust.

A good way of thinking is: would you personally invite these people to your home? Going through this type of thinking process will help reduce surprises and uncertainties.

In terms of getting started, we won’t be too technical here, because we’ve covered a lot of what you need to set up your own Minecraft server in detail, but to summarize:

Make sure you have the latest version of Java

Get files from Mojang

Server of pg slot.

Create a batch file to run the server

Accept the EULA (End User License Agreement)

Start the server

Find your external IP address.

Connect other people to the server.

Adjust the settings in the server.

Properties file.

For starters, this list of actions can be overwhelming; never fear! If you don’t have experience in this area

If you want to avoid this situation completely, we also provide you with protection.

Minecraft Realms

Another option to consider is Minecraft Realms, which can be thought of as renting Mojang servers for kids to play with their friends.

Although similar to setting up your own server, Realms can provide an easier and even safer experience. For example, in terms of console settings, players only need to create a world and then click the “Create” button to start the simple process.

Then in terms of security, Realms has built-in protection. The only way for players to connect to the Realms world is through official invitations, and for the server we described above, anyone with an IP address can log in. So, if children really just want to play with close friends, Realms is a good choice. Options.

However, these additional Realms benefits come at a price. Requires a monthly subscription of $7.99, up to 10 players

There will also be differences in the gaming experience. For example, according to, even if the creator is offline, the Realms world still exists and can be accessed. This means that anyone on the guest list can get in and out as much as they want. On the one hand, this can be seen as an interesting benefit.

But on the other hand, for those who want to play with mods and plug-ins, Realms currently does not support the ability to do so.

Split-screen console

Games Now, do you need an internet connection to play Minecraft? When you play Minecraft on the console, the split screen feature is a great way for kids to play together offline, without a server (or must play for Realms).

This feature displays up to four different player views at the same time, but the disadvantage of course is that players can only play the content available on the console and must share a screen.

In fact, there is another option.

If you are a follower of this blog, you know that we are also a big fan of Minecraft’s many educational advantages.

You may also know that we are experts in combining science and technology education with fun! This is why we provide many Minecraft summer camps and online courses for children and teenagers.

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