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Gurugram woman dies after being given wrong injection, alleges family

Gurugram, May 22 (IANS) A 23-year-old woman died after she was administered a wrong injection for fever at the Uma Sanjeevani Hospital in Gurugram’s DLF Phase-2, her family members alleged.

The deceased has been identified as Shagun Chandekar, a resident of Gurugram. The family members of the woman alleged that she died after the doctor administered the wrong injection to her.

The family members of the deceased said, “She was admitted to a hospital with low blood pressure on May 18 but after the doctor gave her the wrong injection, she started feeling weak.”

Her sister Akansha told the mediaperson, “It was the doctor’s fault. After she (victim) was administered the injection, she was restless and rashes emerged all across her body and she felt massive pain in her legs. She kept saying she was not feeling well right after the injection. When I called the doctors, they said it was usual and there was nothing to worry about.”

“When her condition was deteriorated we took her to another hospital but within two hours of her admission, she expired. The hospital used some wrong injection which led to her death,” the family alleged.

The hospital authorities have denied the allegations.

“We administered the victim with all the best medicine which is usually given in such a situation. We have an experienced staff and doctor. We also suggested the family that they can take the patient to another hospital but only after their permission we admitted the patient and administered her with necessary medicine,” said Shyama Nagaarjun, Medical Superintendent of Uma Sanjeevani Hospital.

The family of the deceased has filed a complaint with the police which has been referred to the district medical negligence board for further probe.