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Renting the right type of forklift can help move heavy loads and lift heavy products with superior efficiency. Moreover, the right type of forklift can improve workplace safety and double overall productivity in half the time. 

Below, we highlight five types of forklifts you can rent for your next project, including indoor and outdoor projects.  

5 Types of Forklifts For Indoor or Outdoor Projects

1: Order Picker Forklift

Consider renting an order picker if you want a machine that can reach objects on high shelves and narrow spaces. An order picker can achieve a lifting height of thirty-five feet and help you access those hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, an order picker can pull entire pallets off single shelving areas, helping you move goods around in half the time. 

2: Stand-Up Forklift

If you have an indoor project, look into renting a stand-up forklift. Stand-up forklifts have a tight turning radius, are more compact, and are shorter, providing better access and maneuverability

Stand-up forklift operators perform tasks while standing up, making it easy to move goods around and get on and off the machine. Moreover, operators stand sideways, improving visibility when reversing and moving forward and eliminating the need to turn the neck around to see where you are going. 

3: Telehandler Forklift

A telehandler forklift rental near me is perfect for outdoor projects. Telehandlers feature four-wheel drive functionality, making them able to move on the roughest terrain while still being easy to drive on roads. 

Telehandlers boast an impressive ten to forty-five-ton lift capacity and an eighteen-meter lift height. They are also versatile, allowing you to add forklifts, winches, mud grabs, and scoop buckets to the boom. 

4: Walkie Stacker Forklifts 

The walkie-stacker is great for indoor projects because it does not emit emissions. It can accommodate loads of all sizes and shapes, and thanks to its smaller size, operators have better visibility and maneuverability.  

Walkie stackers are maneuverable, making it easy for operators to work in compact spaces. You can also use them in several applications, including loading and unloading, cold storage, bulk storage, specialty racks, and industrial applications. 

5: High Reach Forklift

A high-reach forklift works best for indoor projects, especially in warehouses with limited space. With a high-reach forklift, you can access inventory on high shelves. Even better, you can stack more items knowing that you can easily access them when needed. 

High-reach forklifts can lift and retrieve materials from heights up to eighteen meters. They can also operate in aisles as narrow as 2.4 meters wide since they require a minimum aisle width of 3.7 meters.   

They’re also fitted with pantograph masts that enable the forklift forks to extend further and safely lift materials stored behind other materials.  

Look for a Forklift Rental near Me

As you can see, there are different types of forklifts, all of which can help save time on menial labor and allow you to achieve positive project outcomes. For your next project, rent any of the above equipment, depending on your needs. 

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By Grace