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Essential Christmas Decorations to Have This Season

It is an undeniable truth that Aussies do Christmas differently. No matter the geography, the Christmas spirit is still universal. So what Christmas decorations should your household have this holiday season? 

Visiting a department store with no idea what ornaments to get is a surefire way to rack up a hefty bill. After all, who is immune to some impulsive holiday shopping? If you are planning to hold on to your financial responsibility for the last leg of 2022, here is a simple list of decorations for the festive season. 

Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas and having a X-mas tree is non-negotiable. Be it for your workspace or your foyer, a tree is a must. Depending on the space you have to utilise and the scale of grand you are going for, you can get trees in varying sizes. For easier setup, get a PVC or PE tree that you can put together in less than 30 minutes. If you get the ones that are snow-tipped or have lights already installed, you can save all that time needed for decoration. 

Christmas Wreath 

A regular Christmas tree that catches your eye might have poinsettias, holly, eucalyptus, and other common holiday season plants. There is nothing wrong with a store-bought wreath, but if you want to add a twist to your holiday decor, getting an Australian Christmas wreath is the best. This wreath mostly includes plants such as spinning gum, wattle, and gumnuts. Such a wreath will surely stand out among the American Christmas wreathes. 


Going overboard with Christmas decorations happens a lot more than you think. The key is to keep it simple yet bring in maximum festive cheer. You can make use of some stylish Christmas bunting this time around. As a reusable and a better alternative to plastic streamers and balloons, handmade bunting can also be a great Kris Kringle gift. 


Christmas is never complete without the seasonal scented candles. If you truly want to enter the holiday spirit, you need to entice all your senses. Get your house smelling like Christmas with various kinds of scented candles.

Advent Calendar 

Counting the days until Christmas is a fun way to spend the holiday season. In most calendars, you might see seasonal images, Bible verses, or candies. If you want a more Australian Christmas, you can find calendars with typical Aussie animals and cute gifts. 

Fake Snow

It might be the summer, but that is no reason not to have a white Christmas. Especially for your indoor decorations, use a bit of fake snow to truly make it look like your house is at the North Pole. You can also add some snow on top of the Christmas village and the mistletoe to create a perfect Christmas scene. 

Fairy Lights 

Another way to do more for less is by stringing fairy lights around your space. Put them wherever you want, on top of your mantle, around your houseplants, windows, or anywhere. There is nothing that lights up space and puts a smile on everyone’s face like fairy lights. In fact, you can curate a perfect scene to capture for your social media as well.

Final Thoughts 

Yet another Christmas is here, and it is time to deck the halls. Even if you can’t find boughs of holly, some tinsel and bunting will do. You can really get into the holiday spirit by getting holiday-themed outfits for you and yours and clicking a Christmas card picture.