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Design Hacks to Make the Most of Your Interior Design Goals

Interior design can be daunting, especially when it comes to achieving certain goals. But with a few hacks and tricks, you can make the process easier and save yourself from stress! From deciding on furniture placement to tasteful wall decor, these design hacks can help hone in on your interior design goals: 

Analyze the space 

Analyzing space before beginning a design project is essential for achieving desired results. For instance, in Reno, NV, consider the amount of space in the building and how to best take advantage of it; consider accessible ramp options for wheelchair users or consider installing affordable home elevators for elderly people and those with limited mobility. Such strategies can help maximize the potential of a space while ensuring access to all individuals. 

Furthermore, consider the acoustics and insulation capabilities of different materials to minimize external noise. The characteristics faced by the space should be the foremost parameter considered when making decisions to ensure the best design can come to fruition.

Create a budget with realistic expectations

A budget can be your best friend when it comes to design projects. Creating a realistic budget before you enter into any project not only allows you to prepare for potential costs and expenses but can also provide more freedom with the creativity of your end goal. Planning ahead financially can help ensure that your project will stay within the bounds of what you are able to afford, as well as provide an idea of what methods or materials may not fit within that predetermined spending limit. 

By taking the time to form expectations and a plan for how to reach them financially – be it through spreadsheets, calendars, or any other method – we give ourselves the opportunity to strive for our best design without the physical restraints of money playing a role.

Keep wall finishes basic 

A common design mistake is to overfill a room with detailed artwork or photographs. Instead, consider taking a minimalistic approach to wall finishes by keeping them simple. Crisp whites and light grays are perfect for modern homes and offer the flexibility to add pops of color or sharp photography in the form of smaller accents. By using neutral colors as your foundation, you can fix any size painting or photograph without overwhelming your space. Make memories come alive just by featuring one statement photograph on an empty wall without actually filling up the room. The idea is that less is more when it comes to personalizing a living space; believe me, simple walls make any home look sophisticated without needing every inch occupied with meaningful artwork!

Start curtains at the ceiling for extra height 

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your decor and create the illusion of more space in any room, a design hack to start curtains at the ceiling is worth considering. This creative and budget-friendly trick can be a great way to add depth, texture, and height to open spaces while making them appear larger. Installing curtains that meet the ceiling visually adds a high-impact effect to your otherwise flat wall, creating dynamic lines while adding interest and expansiveness to both large and small rooms.

Use mirrors strategically

Mirrors are an amazing way to spruce up and brighten any space, without spending a fortune. Not only do they allow us to check ourselves out after a shower, but they can also be used to create the illusion of more space. By strategically placing mirrors in rooms with little natural light, you will instantly elevate the brightness and atmosphere of the room. They may not be a replacement for sunlight or electric lighting, but when hung correctly, mirrors appear to bring twice as much natural light into the room as what your eye perceives. So next time you’re looking for an easy and affordable design hack, think of using mirrors to liven up any room.

Have texture variation in fabrics

Textured fabrics are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, which makes them an excellent choice for home décor. By strategically placing fabric with different textures against one another, it creates a 3D composition that is engaging to the eye. Not only does this add complexity to your design, but it can also be an easy way to introduce a dimension of luxury that otherwise wouldn’t exist. 

For example, pairing sumptuous velvet with light cotton throws creates a soft yet sophisticated look, while tactile embroidery detailing combined with faux fur provides a luxurious visual feast for the eyes. Whether about making couches more comfortable or adding a new level of chicness to window treatments, using texture variation in fabrics is sure to elevate any room’s design all while increasing comfort.

Lighting can drastically change a room’s feel

Whether you’re trying to accomplish a cozy and inviting ambiance or an airy and airy feel, lighting can be an invaluable design hack. The right lighting will often make or break a room. Bright lights can be used to warm up any space, providing the perfect backdrop for small gatherings with friends or family. 

Furthermore, your choice of lighting fixtures will go a long way towards helping create just the mood you desire; from large pendant lights that become focal points in the room to sleek surface-mounting lamps which fit into any design aesthetic, there is no shortage of options when it comes to creating just the right atmosphere.

With these design hacks in mind, you’re sure to make the most of your design goals whether it is creating a home office or cozy feeling living room!