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Classroom management and education management softwares with many great features are considered by many teachers to be an effective “right arm” that can help save time in classroom management. This is the capital, where most of the teacher’s time and effort is spent working at home. Due to the benefits of school management software, many Classroom scheduling software are emerging today to meet the diverse and professional needs of teachers.

This classroom management software assists teachers in class homework:

By applying many advanced features based on an advanced technical foundation, the This classroom management software platform is committed to meeting the need to find high quality softwares for managing students. To increase.The This software is considered to contain all of the most important features for managing one or more classes at the same time through years of research and research of needs, eliciting experience, and selection of great features. and. Despite being a complex construction technology software, This has a vibrant and intuitive interface that is easy for both parents and teachers to use. With cloud computing, student information is easily accessible anytime, anywhere, and in particular all information is encrypted to ensure user security.

Classroom Management software Highlights:

With the motto of creating something highly customizable and user-friendly, the This classroom management software includes the following key features:Seamless communication between parents and teachers: Thanks to the This classroom management software, teachers can exchange contact groups with all parents in the classroom or talk to each parent individually. .. You can communicate via messaging and dialogue through the app.Manage classes in just a few steps: With just one minute of installation, teachers can quickly use the app to quickly create one or more classes in one software. At the same time, you can easily develop research groups and activity schedules for greater convenience.

Daily Assessments and Regular Reports:

All attendance, scoring, commentary, and positive / improvement needs indicators for each subject are continuously assessed by the teacher after each session. These points are accumulated for integration and should be reported weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.Continuous network sharing updates: The This software integrates social networking features to allow teachers and parents in the same class to interact with each other through teacher posts about classroom situations, but with new notifications or feature chats. Group, personal chat.It’s also very easy to install and use this classroom management software. Users can fully customize it to their educational models and habits to provide the best experience.Recently, smart speakers and AI robots have been actively featured in TV commercials and information programs. In the technical field of voice-interactive AI assistant, when you talk to a robot in the shape of a speaker, you can “search and teach”, “play music”, and “shop online” on behalf of the user. The scenes that help the user’s life and actions, such as “will do” and “adjust the light in the room”, are symbolically expressed.

With Smart Media Pro, classroom management software, you can easily send and share files with your students, also communicate with them via voice and text messages, monitor and control the student’s computer, share any application, broadcast a movie, show to the class work of one student, monitor student screens, block student devices, empty their screens, manage contests / tests, etc. The teacher can do all this from their computer or tablet.With one school-wide license, you can use Smartmedia Pro in multiple classrooms and with different teachers.It allows the teacher to broadcast their screen and / or audio to the device of one or more students.The “Net Movie” function allows the teacher to stream videos in all popular formats to students, either from hard drive, internet, CD or DVD.The “Monitor and Control” function allows the teacher to monitor all student devices simultaneously and take control of the screen of any student individually.The File Sharing feature allows the teacher to send files to students and also allows students to share files with the teacher and among themselves.