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Chandigarh sets up bonsai garden with 74 plant species

Chandigarh, May 22 (IANS) The Department of Forest and Wildlife of Chandigarh has opened Bonsai World in the Botanical Garden of Sarangpur by assemblage of 74 plant species up to 35 years of age.

Their variety and variation assembled are admirable in nature where structural arrangement and functional expression of the artificially created environment is hugely important in biological and psychological aspects of teaching to society, says the local administration.

Bonsai is one of the beautiful art forms of growing plants that is usually associated with Japan, but originated in China. It is a miniature of a big tree made by applying several techniques that include heavy crown pruning, root pruning, wiring, etc.

The bonsai tree requires continuous efforts and maintenance. This art form thrived and sustained in Japan for centuries and categorised based on their growth, habit and different types.

Dharam Pal, Adviser to the Administrator, inaugurated Bonsai World and appreciated the efforts of the Forest Department. He said the garden would help draw the attention of visitors where they can enjoy nature. He appealed to the school children to make changes in their lifestyle for the protection of the environment.

He administered the pledge on LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) to the gathering.

Debendra Dalai, Chief Conservator of Forests, said the department has established the botanical garden over 176 acres to conserve the flora. It is a place where plants are grown and displayed for the purposes of research, education and awareness.

Bonsai World will add another attraction to the garden, which is already visited by approximately 3,000 people every day.