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BJP, RSS use some as hooligans: Tejashwi

Patna, Feb 2 (IANS) Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav has attacked the BJP and RSS and said that they are “putting dog collars on the necks of some people and are asking them to indulge in hooliganism”.

Yadav said this while addressing a gathering in Patna Gyan Bhawan on the birth anniversary of Late Jagdev Prasad on Wednesday.

“We are strong believers in Lord Rama. Those who are giving knowledge on Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Hindu religion, I want to tell them that the religion is not the copyright of some people. We do not need certificates from them,” he said.

“BJP, after coming into power in the country, is choking the neck of democracy. BJP and RSS have defamed Hindu religion more than any other party. They have put dog collars on the neck of some people who are involved in hooliganism. They are creating differences in the society and forcing them to fight against each other. They are asking our children to study Hindi and Sanskrit which is good but their children are studying in convent schools,” Tejashwi said.

Earlier, Chandrashekher Yadav, the education minister of Bihar under the RJD quota had said that Ramcharitmanas and two more books, Manu Smriti and a bunch of thoughts spread hatred in the society. This has led to huge controversy nationwide and even the RJD partner JD(U) has criticized it.