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Bhaweeka finds it challenging to shoot with prosthetic baby bump

Mumbai, Feb 18 (IANS) ‘Baalveer Returns’ actress Bhaweeka Chaudhary, who is now seen playing the role of Nandini in the new show ‘Maitree’, finds it challenging to shoot daily with a prosthetic baby bump. Still, regardless of the discomfort and long hours of the shoot, she says she makes every effort to give her best.

She said: “To be honest, it is not very comfortable to shoot with a prosthetic baby bump, because it takes a lot of time to fix the bump and with someone’s help only it can be removed as well. In fact, this is the first time I am playing the role of a pregnant woman, so I wasn’t really sure how I would feel or look with it.”

The actress has worked in TV shows such as ‘Swaran Ghar’, ‘Baalveer Returns’, ‘Humkadam’, and many more.

She added how the role is helping polishing her acting skills: “Doing such meaningful scenes is really helping me to get into the skin of my character and hone my acting skills. It’s altogether a very unique experience and I can only wonder how it must feel in real life.”

The show is a reflection of true friendship and childhood bonds between two friends living in the city of Prayagraj. Their mothers feel that their friendship will continue after marriage. However, there is a twist in the story and it will be seen if things go as expected even after marriage or if destiny has something else in store for them.

‘Maitree’ airs on Zee TV.