Accent Lighting Ideas To Create Ambience In Your Backyard

Two must-known lighting ideas for decorating your backyard as you’ve always dreamt about. Decorating your backyard is a fun and thrilling plan to carry out. If you need some inspiration regarding current trends and lighting ideas, this article will come in handy. Below you can read about the top 2 lighting ideas to create an ambiance in your backyard using low-voltage and affordable lighting options provided by Australia’s top lighting equipment manufacturer, Lights4Less.

Path Lighting For A Dreamy Look

Path lighting is a type of landscape and safety lighting that is designed to help you navigate walks while also highlighting them. Install it on the ground to accentuate the shapes of flower beds along both sides of key walks from the back entrance to your fence door, along with stepping stones from the main walkway to a backyard feature like a fountain and/or around flower beds. Thanks to a solar rechargeable battery or a remote solar panel, your position somewhere else in the yard that gets direct sun, these lights will keep bright for several hours after dusk, even if your walkways are shaded. The market for outdoor wall lighting is just as vast and diverse as the market for indoor wall sconces. On our website, you’ll find a variety of forms, sizes, and metal finishes, so feel free to browse at your leisure. If you’re looking for the best deal on path lights, discount lights from Lights 4 Less will help you save up a ton of money. Take a look at our outdoor lighting catalog and choose the best style for your backyard. 

Century-Inspired Wall Lights

Outdoor wall illumination is a moderately bright type of safety and accent lighting that is primarily used to enlighten and assist navigation in recessed regions of the yard where shadows lurk. They can be mounted on any vertical surface, including the inside of your pergola, above stairwells, and around sunken seating spaces, pools, and other low-lying locations. Lanterns provide a soft, low-voltage accent lighting option for highlighting architectural details or decor on a small section of an exterior wall. They’re frequently placed near the rear door to draw attention to a transom window, arch, or ornamental wreath atop it. The majority of lanterns are semi-flush mounts, with a glass and metal exterior attached to an arm mounted to a wall plate. While there are many variants of the typical wall-mounted lantern’s hard corners and boxy appearance, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Discount lights from Lights4Less are available on our website, where you can take a look at our wall lights, including lanterns and more amazing alternatives. 

Discount Lights From Lights4Less

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